Torn between JPS and Black Mamba for cd player

The JPS is half the price on the used market. Any comments? THX
Try a company called Virtual Image, can be found in the manufacturers directory on the Audiogon home page or try Ensemble Megaflux. I own both and both are wonderful cables. I know that you can pick up used Ensemble cables here on Audiogon. The Ensemble in reviews has been compared to the Shunyata King Cobra and is said to be VERY close. I've never heard a King Cobra, so I can't personally say that is fact, just what I read. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about my experiences with the Virtual Image or Ensemble.
you should try bmi whale mk11 ,i have tried many and it is
the only one that get out of the way and do everything
cxorrect they are very transparent and have no signature at all,more air,more body ,sweet,no flaw of any kind
Hi Daryl,

I have a JPS Digital AC on both my transport and Casablanca pre/pro. The JPS made a very nice improvement in overall noise floor reduction. I also felt that there was an overall improvement in the sense of musicality to the system. With most digital systems it seems that its the digital noise that is induced back into the rest of your system that seems to be the culprit and the JPS noise filters on the digital AC cords work to reduce this. This is also the principle behind the Shunyata power conditioners.

So my recommendation is that I was happy with JPS products. I also think that for your CD player you will find that it's the noise filtering that will bring you the greatest benifits so that which ever cord you select make sure that there is good filtering associated with it. I also think that there is no substitute for trying different cables and finding the one that has the best synergy with the rest of your system.

I will say this without hesitation as I have learned the hard way. The better things in life are usually more expensive and that is no secret. I have personally not auditioned the JPS but the Black Mamba gave me wonderful results in my system on my digital source.

I would advise you to purchase and try both cords. Sell the one that is inferior in your system. That is the great thing about AudiogoN. Also have a good friend help you with the A&B comparison. That is really the only way to tell...

I use the JPS digital and JPS power AC cords and comapred them in my sytem directly to Analysis Plus, TG Audio Silver and recently the Audience power cord. I found that the JPS sounded right for my personal tastes. The differences wre very minor between but the JPS had a blacker background, sweeter in the mids, solid, clear bass notes and held notes just a little longer. Some may find this a little slow but I prefered it overall.