Tori Amos..... Will she ever go Hi Rez?

Just adore Tori (the freak she is!)

Any info on her intentions to release any albums in SACD/DVD-A??
I can't believe her break-through second album isn't atleast Hoff-manned. It's a strange world we live in when Tori's not Hi-Rezed. My wife and I were lucky enough to hear her early and see her many times. A freak? Yes, but a genuis freak she is.
To find out, you'd have to knw what her label is, and then learn whether that label has released any of their artists on DVD-A or SACD. If so, you've got a could even lobby them for Tori, if you want. Maybe try and get a grassroots effort together.

If her label hasn't committed to SACD or DVD-A, your chances are almost nil.
I really, really, REALLY wish someone would release a nice heavyweight virgin vinyl pressing of any or all of her first four albums. I have owned several Boys For Pele pressings and none have been completely satisfactory to me. The limited pink Under the Pink pressing is a nice novelty but I'd like something sonically better to spin.

Classic Records? Simply Vinyl? Anyone??

I had the opportunity to attend an interview with her at CMJ New York a couple years back. She's a tiny little thing and sassy as hell : )
Never been to an interview, I've seen her at least 8 times though, any where from a tiny old movie theater to huge arena (plugged). She never ceases to amaze me.

I always prefer her acoustic shows, which fortunatey she's gone back to lately.

I just would love her first four albums on SACD or DVD-A...........
Bring on the heavyweight vinyl!!
Her LPs sound wonderful. And they aren't expensive. She's a good reason to get into vinyl. Otherwise, her CDs sound good too.

I saw her live as well and she is terrific. But the sound system in the concert hall was bright and harsh. So her LP actually sounds better. I still prefer live though. She is a nut, but I like her.