Topping DX3 Pro - Live

Hey everyone, so I joined the Massdrop for a Topping DX3 Pro desktop DAC.

The measurements are superb (which I don't care that much about) but the specs that were important to me for a desktop headphone amp / DAC was having an outboard power supply because I think (maybe without evidence) this makes it more likely to have a great headphone amp with lots of reserve power.

I just got mine in. Cold, it had plenty of air, and sounded really really lean. Its getting better as it warms up.
I installed the drivers in Windows 10, but no idea if they are even necessary. Found the Tidal exclusive mode settings, and same for my MediaMonkey, things got much better after that.

A certain harshness that was making my ears hot disappeared.

This little headphone amp is really a lot of fun to listen to.
Great to hear it... Keep us posted about the virtues and weak points of the device...
Enjoy it. I'm still waiting forma mine

So I bought this specifically to be a work desk device, so I'll be comparing it to my reference rig, which is inconvenient. A Fiio  X3 II with headphone amp attached.

There is where I keep my ESS 422H and Shure E4c IEMs.

So far with my AKG 712s it sounds technically perfect.

Subjectively, lacks midrange liquidity of tube or Ayre gear which some may like, but has plenty of control and air. It is not at all strident or hard at any volume level so long as I use exclusive mode in Windows.

Bass and treble remind me of the BADA I heard a long time ago. I found myself listening to a lot more music at my desktop than I had intended to as a result, via Tidal and MediaMonkey.
For Windows 10, the main benefits to the Topping drivers seems to be the little status window you can view things like current sampling rate, and firmware version.
I can confirm that mine shipped with firmware version 1.04, the latest, which should take care of the popping sound earlier versions had I think when switching sources. I am only using USB, so don’t know.

In DAC mode you view the sampling rate off the amber LED screen, but in headphone amp mode, you only see the sampling rate when it changes, so if you want to be sure you set up Windows and your player to playback native file mode, this is a good utility to have.


How is DX3 behaving...
Several problems reported in audio-science due to stand-bye’s forever, etc make a chill run down my spine...
Hope yours works fine...

Hey Baybars!!

Just fine! I had issues interfacing with my Astron 10 Amp supply, but it was related to having the wrong DC plug. The correct size is 2.1 ID x 5.5 OD. I wonder if they are having issues with the wall wart? Because in using the variable supply, you really have to get the voltage at 15 or it just won't turn on. I'd go back there and suggest they measure the voltage on the plug, anything less than 15 will be an issue.

Honestly its behaving really great, but I wish I could hear it with the linear supply. It's handled my AKGs wonderfully. The ESS 422s come out louder, and with their usual smoothness, and great detail in the bass.

It's a really enjoyable experience, and makes both sound close to planar magnetics driven by good gear. Real easy to forget listening to it. :)

Let's see though, my Shure E4cs are the real challenge. They are the most sensitive, but in the bass they can be fussy. With anything less than a stellar amp they sound thin, or boomy. They do really well with the DX3.

One odd thing, switching rapidly with my Fiio X5 ... the X5 sounds faster. As if the tempo was increased... but that's clearly not true. :) The tempo is identical..

Glad to hear that. As I wrote down above, scary comments about  DX3 reliability are common in Audio.Science site. Waiting for mine yet... My grado´s 80 and AKG K702 are looking forward to being powered by DX3.

Long live to our DX3´s...

Cheers and enjoy music!!!
I just got replacement DC plugs, and i was wrong about the DX3: It functions anywhere from about 12V upwards.

Issues I had before had to do with the wrong inner diameter on the plug.