Topping D50 vs the "Big Boys"

This low-priced DAC measures spectacularly and has the latest ESS Sabre DACs. Has anyone listened to it versus the "High-priced spreads"?
The Topping D50 proves that you don't have to spend 10X its price for accurate - and excellent- sound quality!
It does indeed offer spectacular measurements. Hopefully it sounds spectacular too, and comes with a return policy if it doesn't sound good in your system. If so, it's worth a try.
Read the amazon reviews.  Many units just don’t work or work properly.  DOA or after a week or so. 
i think the D70 is a more interesting unit. wait for a year and Topping-SMSL will have AKM chips AND MQA
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Have you heard a Totaldac or a DCS Bartok? How do they sound to your ears? Otherwise, you shouldn't denigrate or recommend a component.
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grannyring - don't know what you are reading about " Many units just don’t work or work properly.  DOA or after a week or so." 
Amazon compilation summary from  2 smaller groups of review : 

Impressive - 5 stars

computer audio bliss - 5 stars

Great DAC for a PC based audio system - 5 stars

Took my listening to a different level - 5 stars

Really, really clean audio - 5 stars

I love this little thing. - 5 stars

Blew my mind - 5 stars

Five Stars - - 5 stars

very digital- flare esc sound - 1 star

Hit's above it's weight - 5 stars

BEST DAC I HAVE HEARD UNDER 1200 DOLLARS...Schitt included - 5 stars

Fantastic and versatile DAC 5 stars

Sounds great - 4 stars

Great Value Dac 5 stars

Distorted broken sound 1 star

Small, runs cool, pristine, perfect for my needs. 5 stars

Excellent sound quality 5 stars

USB works with PC, but no joy with iOS - 3 stars

Dead on Arrival Hoping I can send back for a refund! 1 star

Another group of reviews - 

****95 reviews 4 out of 5 star total average***

Yes I own one and think its a steal......WOW biased against it??

”what does sound have to do with anything, i was talking about the build quality”

This comment might be construed by some as a bit of a disconnect. I’m not trying to be inconsiderate but how can you possibly make a determination on build quality? You haven’t heard the dacs you mention and you are passing judgement on build quality based on internet photos or the opinions of others on the net? Are you saying dacs made only of milled aluminum cases can be good?

Read all the different Amazon Topping listings with a 1 rating and you will see exactly what I said. That’s all. I was going to order one, but decided against it. From units buzzing, not working as they should, DOA’s all there.  One listing here....

Virtually all the bad 13 reviews you reference are from 2013 - 2107 with but 1 in 2018.....I had forgotten but researched it again the D%) as currently sold was released in March of 2018.....thus all the 2013, 2014 201 etc reviews that bother you are NOT relevant to this current unit....have a good day anyway.....
Typo above meant D50 - another review just after release in March 2018 - - again whatever Amazon was calling a D50 back then was not the current unit - also 2 of the bad reviews are referencing SMSL Model 8 so they have the wrong unit completely...misposted

Geee - you falsely dump on a product - greatly exaggerate the "defect" rate (on some other unknown units) and just cry uncle????  Fantastic.....Luv the logic

@grannyring was merely pointing out the fact that some past Topping products received some less than stellar reviews by some who purchased and likely returned their units. There are indeed some excellent reviews as well and with the Amazon no hassle return policy, there is little initial risk to a potential purchaser. @grannyring has a stellar reputation here and further has no pattern of "falsely dumping" on anything. I’m sure the D50 is terrific value for the money as I’m sure @grannyring thinks so as well.

Your post though seems as if you had rolled your sleeves up and were disappointed to roll them back down. Enjoy the dac in good health. Peace.
Thanks @ghasley. You are correct that I am pointing out the fact that the company makes products with higher than usual in use problems and failures from the perspective of these Amazon reviews. Not making it up and one just needs to read. Many also liked the units very much. Anyway, I bet they do sound great for the money thus my curiosity was peaked. Perhaps I will try one out for my office system soon.
Not making any comments about the quality or sound quality of the Topping, but the  ESS SABRE ES9038Q2M is a $13.80 part in quantities of 1000.  The ES9038Pros, which is used in the Sonica DAC, is $74.80 in quantity.  

I have an LG V50 which has an ESS  ES9218P DAC, which is $12.60 in quantity.  It's a decent DAC for a phone.  I think, in my opinion, that the Chord MOJO, a 4 year old design, is better.  But that's comparing a cell phone to a dedicated DAC; not really fair.  Also, the MOJO costs about half of the V50's price.
Seemed like the OP asked a legit question that devolved into a discussion about the veracity of Amazon reviews and Chi-Fi QC vs SQ. 

Has anyone listened to a D50 vs something more expensive? Or any of the Topping/SMSL type DACs vs the Chords, Myteks, Schiits, etc for that matter?

What did you think of the performance?

Seemed like the OP asked a legit question that devolved into a discussion about the veracity of Amazon reviews and Chi-Fi QC vs SQ.

Has anyone listened to a D50 vs something more expensive? Or any of the Topping/SMSL type DACs vs the Chords, Myteks, Schiits, etc for that matter?

What did you think of the performance?

I bought the D50 to use with my TV for its compact size, decent remote, low price, and good specs. I use a spare LPS with Jung-type super-regulator lying around to power the D50.

It replaced a TEAC UD-301 and to my surprise, the difference was easily noticeable. Dialogues felt crisp even at low volumes, and sounds seem more focused and detailed leading to better immersion.

I know this doesn't exactly answer your question, but I'm pretty impressed with the improvement given the cost.

Wait till the D50S is released, it’s even better. No balanced though, that’s about the only performance negative (looks could be improved, such as a larger screen).
Just picked up a totaldac - bent metal case, cheap remote and all. It sounds spectacular, and I would gladly put up with even shittier casework and remote. Superb sounding.
I thought the D30 was the one to beat in the topping line. Is the D50 that much better?
Had the D50 up against the Sabaj D5, Schiit Bifrost multibit, ADI-2 DAC.
The D50 sounded fine but there was a lack of depth and width to the soundstage. Also a bit thin, yes I tried all the filters, and powered it with  batteries. Slight improvements but it had to go.