Topping D50 DAC- Sound distortion

My Topping DAC D50 does not power on. I tried different USB charger 5V-1.0A and 2.0A.
I hear it "click" on, but indicator light (display) does not light up. Has anyone any ideas how to get it working?

5V polarity is correct. I can measure the +5V across the capacitor.

When plugged in, the whole PCB will be warm. It seems current is flowing throughout the board.

I was successful to get out sound of it however, the sound coming out is distort. Coaxial and optical both work. Display not working. I am not able to install the driver and doing a firmware update.

When I connect it to a PC via USB, it says: "USB Device Not Recognized". I believe it is a software problem. Maybe it can be fixed as long as I have access to the device via USB.

What do you think? Did anyone experience the same problem?


Beat bet is simply to contact Topping.
I already did, terrible customer service.

Topping Customer Service Response:

"Thank you for contacting TOPPING support. We are happy to assist.
It is the seller to provide after sales service, so please contact the seller for directly service. Thank you!
Best Regards!"
Who’d you buy it from? If Amazon, probably Shenzhen Audio. You could contact them, or just talk to Amazon.
According to their warrenty, they do say the same thing, contact the seller first, if the seller is of no help, then contact Topping.