Toploading CD transports recommendations

I am looking for a toploading transport, ideally not more than $1,000. Does such a thing exist? I am tired of failing CD drawers.
I have no experience with it so I can't specifically comment , but might be worth a look

Woo Audio top loader - link to a review and audio advisor - sales price $1200

It is pretty rare to have a drawer fail actually.  The main advantage of a top-loader is the jitter reduction because the disk does not vibrate while spinning.  A good reclocker will reduce the jitter 100X more though.

I would recommend any OPPO followed by a Synchro-Mesh and good BNC coax cable.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

I have a Consonance Droplet 5.0 CD player. I paid $900 for it used. I never see them for sale. It is top loading, and continues to operate as designed. I also have an Oppo 105D, and it also works fine.

If you can find one in Canada it will be at the price level you indicated. 

Maybe you can find one one used.

I have used one for a few years. 
If you can find a used Rega Apollo, they are nice players.  You might even be able to find a used Rega Saturn within your price range.
I have a 1 yo Apollo-R for sale.
While Jay’s Audio CDT2 MK2 is a great piece, it’s twice the price the OP wishes to spend at the moment ($1,000). 
I just sold an April Music Stello transport, which was great. If you can find one, I recommend it. 

Though I also have a Musical Fidelity M1 CDT transport, and I think it sounds better than the Stello. It's slot loading.