Top three most over underrated eqpmt??

Throughout my 17 and some odd years of being into this hobby, I've had numerous equipment with some being so so, some being great, and the rest being bad....Just curious to find out what other people's experiences are with changing from one component to another...Well, for me here are the list for my top 3 most overrated equipment: SimAudio W4070 amplifier, Aragon 47K preamplifier, a tie with Kimber PBJ interconnects and Linn Majik integrated top 3 most underrated equipment: Chiro C-200 amplifier, Roksan Caspian integrated amplifier, Straight Wire Chorus interconnects....comments anyone???
Top three most overrated, FIM, Transparent, Krell all.

Most underrated top three, Biro L/1 speakers, Van Alstine amps, Kora Cosmos monoblocks. All three far exceed their prices by miles. tremendous values for the money.

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MOST OVER-RATED: (1) ADCOM ACE-515 Power Conditioner (Everyone I heard had hardly no affect on the system at best, at worst it added noise. Just a $230 power strip/surge protector.); (2) YAMAHA TX-950 TUNER (Has lots of features, but the sound is only fair at best, as well as reception for the price.); (3) SONOGRAPHE by Conrad Johnson SA-250 AMPLIFIER (Claim to fame: Solid State, but sounds like tubes ?? NO, Its just dull. Also bland pleasantness in the name of musicality.) -----MOST UNDER-RATED: (1) ONKYO INTEGRA TUNERS (With the exception of the T9090, they sell for next to nothing used ($40 to $75), but have the best sound and reception of almost anything under $500 I've ever tried.); (2) B&W P5 SPEAKERS (Now discontinued... You have to go all the way to the Nautilus 804 to get something better. These listed for only $1500 and sell used for only $700. They get matched with cheap electronics because of their price, and then sound lousy becase they are so pure and revealing. When connected to the electronic you would buy with the Nautilus 803/804 Speakers they sound like a million bucks. 1000% better than the CDM-7 at the same price point.) (3) AIWA CD CHANGER $79 (Makes a decent transport right out of the box.)
Top 3 most of overrate components: 1.)Any expensive line stage, either tube or solid state (but esp.solid state)... We don't NEED no stinkin' line stages! (See underrated components below). (2)Krell amps...I'm sure they can be stunning in the right system-I just haven't heard that system yet. (3.)Martin Logan speakers...despite their transparency, they just plain don't sound natural, somehow.
Once again, maybe in the right system, I just haven't heard that system.
Three most underrated components. (1.)FT Audio LW-1 passive preamp. This little wonder gets around the usual limitations of passive pre's, and smokes a lot of kilobuck line stages, for $500.00. (2.)Magnepan MMG's. Though already spoken pretty highly of, these things are an insanely great pr. of speakers for $500.00. No doubt they rule that price range. As a matter of fact, I've yet to hear a monkey coffin (box speaker) that I like better, in my room. Those who've had equivocal experiences with them probably had midfi HT receivers of them upstream-these things WILL reveal to you flaws in your source components. Plus they're demanding as to room placement, but well worth the work. (3.)Anything that says "Music Reference" on it. Designer Paul Modjeski is probably one of the brightest ones out there-his equipment makes music, doesn't cost a lot for what you get, and it doesn't break.
I don't have a lot to say have overrated components, but for me the most underrated are the Meitner PA-6i preamp and the Meitner MTR-101 monoblocs. I've heard a variety of hyper-expensive amps and preamps (Levinson, Krell, Rowland, Classe, etc.) that don't sound any better, just cost a lot more. I'd also add the Tannoy System 12 and 15 DMT studio monitors. Only sold in pro audio shops, but the best home speakers I've heard for anywhere near the money.
I only have 2. Krell & Wilson...both make my ears bleed.
Transparent, Purist, B&W 801
Over-rated: Wilson WATT/Puppies. Throughout most of their
frequency range, a pair of Magnepan 1.6QR's will positively
embarrass the Wilsons.
I won't make an *Overated* list because every month there seems a whole glut of new ones.Too many choices to attempt narrowing it down to a few.--------

My *Underated* choices are easy-
Exposure amplification
Roksan amplification,sources & tonearms
DNM amplification
NVA amplification
Neat loudspeakers
Royd loudspeakers
JM Reynaud loudspeakers
Cabletalk I/C's
Roger Modjeski designed(s) the Music Reference products, his cousin Paul, the Pumpernickel.
My list for the underrated:

Discovery cables -- reasonably priced, very performance
Sony SSM7a speakers -- yes, Sony makes a great speaker
JBL LSR28 powered speakers -- great design & build quality
Tandberg open reel tape decks -- better than most Revoxs
Sumiko OCOS cable -- strong performer, well built
I would say the McCormack DNA-2 or 2DX are the most under rated amps in the world. It seems that a huge number of DNA.5 and DNA-1s were sold, but ulike these smaller McCormacks, the DNA-2s were never reviewed by a major mag. and they were being produced about the time the company was "going under", so it simply didn't get much publicity. But I've owned the 2DX for 2 years now and it's a fantastic amp-- they can drive anything and still have great finesse. Also, because they aren't well known they sell for pretty reasonable prices on the used market. I greatly preferred the 2DX to the Levinson 331, and SF Power 2. Cheers. Craig.
What little hifi experience I have tells me that equipment synergy determines an enjoyable or disgusting listening experience. With that in mind I only have one contribution, that being in the underrated category. I have used a McCormack ALD-1 Deluxe preamp with external power supply and phono stage for years now and found it an easy blend with just about every piece of equipment I've hooked up to it.
It's various configuration options allow it's owner to tinker (I don't mean modify) with inputs and outputs till even the least acceptable (in the hifi community) piece of source equipment, cable etc. becomes more than just passable.
Underrated.Rogue Audio,Coincident,Tetra speakers,
Overated,Krell,MIT,Wilson Watts or whats.
Underrated- My opinion
Overrated- Everyone elses.

I never realized there were so many people who disliked wilson. I knew LOTS of people disliked Krell, though I have never heard there equipment in my system I am affraid to try it because most people just plain hate it. Most obscure companies make sense to me, just because a little company might make something I think that Tek line cables are in this catagory, maybe not for every body they have made a HUGE difference in my system and are my vote for most under rated, cheers:) Tim
The companies that get "to big for their britches" ALWAYS
become: "the enemy". I believe this is due to the Audiophiles love of the mystique of being an expert at a very arcane art. If a true "best" (or group of bests) was out there, who would need to search out, or 'discover' anything new? You'd just go out and get the formula filled and all done. HOW BORING!!! But if you discover the WonkaWonka P12 preamp with MaximusGlutus upgrades and it is WONDERFUL, well then you are happy.... for awhile. And it helps to end brand name dropping. If 25,000 Krell owners get embarrassed to brag... ????
(please accept this as a LIGHTHEARTED attempt to answer the ???)
Dislike occurs because people have ears and can hear.