Top Ten Tweaks

To share info, what are your top ten tweaks. Here are my current ones with one to five asterisks to show effectiveness in my setup.

Dedicated mains ring *****

Deoxit on earth and mains (check earth bonds) **

Tighten connection mains to consumer unit *

Unplug video, tv, computer if in listening room **

RDC cones under speakers *

RDC cones under cd *

wattgate plug on powercords *

custom rack with 11cm thick ply shelves ***

RDC cones under rack, with ply support under *

russ andrews 'sniffer' *

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Pipe cleaners for RCA connectors. Cleaning all contacts periodically (D-K beware of alcohol: it derodes the gold plating!) Black marker on the CD edges. Keeping cables away from each other (use cigarette or cigarillo boxes and thread cables through). Damping 1st reflections. Check for best placement of cones, etc, under equipment...