Top Ten "Reasons I Don't Like This Component"

Many of us have had the short term experience of demoing or acquiring a piece of gear that, when we installed it in our systems, we soon realized that it wasn’t going to work.

An example I recently cited was after home demoing a CJ 17LS preamp years ago. I couldn’t stand the banging sound of the volume relays while adjusting. The unit sounded fine enough musically but this particular feature was intolerable.

What other features or quirks of components have you had similar experiences with over the short term? I’m not talking about chronic upgraditis, which most of us are afllicted with, just short term experiences that make us say, "this does not work for me."

No need to list ten reasons, just one or two. I'll keep a tab on them and summarize later.
@tuberist, how did -you- start to sound artificial?
Stepped volume controls are a non starter for me.  I always find a point where one step is too quiet and the next one too loud.  

Multi function controls suck as well.

Any tube amp that bias cannot be easily checked and adjusted.

Any tube amp that takes out resistors instead of fuses when a tube goes bad.

Any of those features and shortcomings disqualify the product from my consideration.
How about dual volume controls? Good for sound, bad for ergonomics.
Not good enough, that's the only reason.
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