Top Ten Pre Amp Solid State of all time?

Ok,we have all had fun with this top ten thread. Naturally the Pre Amp is next.Just a wealth of information has poured forth in Top Ten Tuners,and Top Ten Amps,tube or solid state. To start this thread I vote for the Threshold FET 2. Have owned PS Audio,ARC,NAD,but keep going back to the Threshold FET 2. Ok your turn nominate your favorite Pre Amp of all time.
The Van Alstine Model 1 Pre Amp. Way ahead of its time.One of the first mil spec pre amps I can remember. Still have mine. Still rock solid and musical,tremendous sound stage,great phono section.Build quality that others have copied.Have owed a few others,but havent found anything to really replace this gem.
Threshold Fet 10E. Very neutral with no coloration. Awesome detail and dynamics. A great design by Nelson Pass, and Stereophile CLASS A for years when it meant something.
The Pass Labs XO, the Classe Omega and the Threshold FET 10 are good candidates for top ten statis....although I do still favor tubes for pre-amps....perhaps I have a sweet tooth?
The Spectral DMC-10. I've owned one since 1985 and still have it. One of the best built, best sounding preamps of all time. Phono section is as good as the best around. Loved it so much, only recently replaced it with a Spectral DMC 20 II, which should last for a long, long time too! One may be had at a bargain price of around $1000.00, if you can find an owner that will part with it!!
Would add ...Carver Lightstar run passive/balanced,..Martin .
I would add 'The Limited Edition' manufactured by Gryphon in Denmark, very often abbreviated as 'LE'. It has an excellent phono section, a product which is excel at Gryphon before they produce the preamp and amplifier. 'LE' only produced 100 sets for worldwide distribution and hence its name, 'Limited Edition'. The price for a good versin of 'LE' should be around usd3,500..
Klyne SK 4A or 5.Great sound and good phono section.
Cello Audio Suite. Not cheap but configurable via modules for SE, balanced, and either MC or MM phono. Premium and standard modules. Separate power supply. Recommend only the premium modules. Hand-built, all-out audio. The IMAX of audio. Sweet, detailed, dynamic, halographic, fast, and ultra-quiet. After being powered on continuously for almost 10 years, I find nothing out there that tempts me to make a change.
Aleph P drives my Aleph 2's wonderfully!