Top Ten HiFi Playlists - Tidal


I started an audio blog as part of my business based on my passion for audio.  Part of my mission is to share some of my favorite HiFi music recommendations with people.  I have been very impressed with Tidal based on the ease of use and quality of playback.  This blog post includes links directly to Tidal audio playlists that you can enjoy on your sytems.

If you have top ten lists you would like to share please do so here and that will help me put together more lists for my blog and also help me discover more great music!  It's always fun when a customer asks to play a song I haven't heard and it ends up becoming one I listen to time and time again.  


Disclosure: I am the owner/operator of devAAudio HiFi business located in the greater Kansas City Region.
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Some of the finest recordings in my collection. Emotionally involving, sonically superb. What you pull out when you want to thoroughly impress someone, not just with how great your system sounds but with music they will fall in love with even if they are totally unfamiliar with it.

Of course they are all on vinyl. In no particular order, despite appearances.

1. Jennifer Warnes, The Well. Pull out the 45 if you have it.

2. Jennifer Warnes, Famous Blue Raincoat, the 45 rpm 20th Anniversary Edition. Warnes masterful performance of Cohens wonderful songs more than makes up for the use of digital recording in the studio. 

3. Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms, 180g 45rpm. Same deal. Multiple eargasms guaranteed in spite of the use of digital. 

4. Holly Cole, Temptation. Train Song. Tango Till They're Sore. Whatever you got. Just play it.

5. Janice Ian, Breaking Silence. When the liner notes bother to describe the recording chain right down to the custom tube microphone used you know its going to be good. Guaranteed to make any system sound better than it is.

6. Michael Ruff, Speaking in Melodies. A Sheffield sonic masterpiece. The Bonus Track of I Will Find You There, available only on the LP and featuring an extended improv that will blow your mind, alone is worth the price.

7. Doug MacLeod, Exactly Like This. Another 45. One of the best performances from the master bluesman, and that's saying something, with some of the best sonics on any of his recordings, and that's saying something too. 

8. Dick Hyman, From the Age of Swing. Another Reference Recording.

9. Duke Ellington, Jazz Party In Stereo. The 45. Want jazz? For someone might not really be into jazz? They will be after you play this!

10. Alison Krauss, New Favorite. Santana, Abraxas. Steve Miller Band, Fly Like An Eagle. Sinatra, Francis A & Edward K. Linda Ronstadt, What's New. Okay that's more than ten. So sue me. 

so how do I take your playlist and import it into my Tidal account?