Top rated passive preamps

Any top rated passive preamps with balanced and rca inputs and balanced outputs with a remote?
Bent Audio Tap if you can find one. If you are a DIY type you can get all the parts from John Chapman at Bent Audio and build one yourself or have someone else build it.
Look at the Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE.
I think Dave Slagle at Intact Audio/Experience Music would build you a very nice balanced passive preamp. I've been using a passive based around his autoformers for several years, and highly recommend them.
SMc Audio VRE-1C (or VRE-1, or VRE-1B - all are earlier iterations of the same essential design).

Not a pure passive preamp by definition. A hybrid really...but with the purity of a passive.
I am a big fan of the transformer/autoformer variety of preamps. I currently own a Sonic Euphoria PLC which has bested a lot of active preamps up to ~6K in my system. The PLC also beat out a Bent Audio TAP to my ears.

Tvad.....couldnt agree more! The SMc VRE pre has only 6dB of gain and
Ive had my fair share of passives over the last 6 years and the VRE is the
cleanest sounding pre (and most musical) that I've heard.
This includes the $95,000 Kondo M1000 !!!!!
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