Top PSB speakers .

Has any one heard both the PSB T-3 and Synchrony 1 ? I ask because they were/are top of the line but you 
can buy the later for less than half the price of the former.
I've owned several(3) of their monitors and liked them but never heard a floorstander and no dealers anywhere close .
I listen 95% to classical and jazz, no rock .
We are a dealer and has the Syncros now the T3.

The T3 are way better in every way then the Syncronys.

So yes you can get a great deal on the older ones, but they are no where as good.

The new T3 tweeter is sweeter yet has more detail, the bass is tighter and more tuneful, and the overall sound stage is bigger. 

We are currently more in love with the Legacy Focus Se at $7,000.00 a pair over the T3 as the Legacy has a smoother more liquid midrange and a larger more layered sound stage, bass on the T3 is still a bit more tighter then even the Legacys. 

Both of these speaker systems are stellar but with the Legacys being hand built in America, with those stunning Heil AMT midrange and tweeters and being even more efficient, 

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I have listened to both: PSB Synchrony One T and PSB Imagine T3.  In the set-up they were connected to Halo Integrated amplifier and some streaming source. T3 was sounding more open, with mid-range more forward, which gave it advantage in the vocals ( my favorite are women's vocals). Synchrony One was more even, and in comparison sounded flat. Look-wise, the piano lacquer finish off T3 was way better than semi mate finish of Synchrony. I had similar choice, as Synchrony was used and way cheaper than T3. However, I chose the demo sample of T3 at a good discount as well.  IMHO T3 is a better loudspeaker, especially if you prefer Jazz and vocals. Probably need to be careful with the choice of the amplifier to avoid excessively bright sound.     
Thanks so much fellas, very nice of you.
Over my years(45) in audio I’ve often found that speakers that others call "flat" ( including reviewers)are often just whats need for the symphonic music that is the core of my listening .
Not written in stone of course .
The one thing I am good at is dialing in a system, I have a closet full of wire and power cables
that I know how to use plus 3 SS and 2 tube amps along with 5 preamps , but they can’t overcome everything .
This is not exactly correct many of B&W for example speakers tend to be very flat and bright and are terrible for classical music, lifeless and boring.Didn’t hear the PSB so I can’t comment on them , the the tower 3 looks great on paper.
Didn’t say it was always correct, said often . Having to drive 500 miles to hear them is my problem.
And yes B& W 's tend to be not much with Classical .
I have a pair and I find them to be just so smooth.  I can listen to them all day.  Not fatiguing one bit. Detailed, maybe a bit on the warm side. Extremely
tight bass. Highly recommended.  The best speakers I have ever owned.  These replaced Revel F32.  Much better than the Revels.

I assume T-3's ? Saying a lot, F32 was a nice speaker , thanks .
I think it worth the effort to drive 500 miles to hear them, this speakers are not cheap and in general  buying speakers at this price level without a demo is a big risk.
I totally agree itzhak, but at 82 it ain't happening .
I own the PSB infinity T3's ! Great speakers ! If your a 98 decimal AC/DC fan, like I am, they do have their limitations! Everyday within reason detailed speakers for stereo listening and tower surrounds in a 5.1 or larger system, their excellent!