TOP preamp with tone control under 1500 advice

i need some recommendations fro a good preamp under 1500. i like tubes but ss is good too. preferable one with tone control(i had really like the look s of some sansui preamps with tone controls impressed me). remote a huge plus
i also would like 2 outputs and or a built in phono would be a plus, i may upgrade from my cam 640p to a ps audio phono stage,, i am also looking for phono stage recommendations, thank you for your valuable advice in advance.
I recently went through a similar process. The only modern, full function pre with tubes I could afford was a used McIntosh C220. List is ~$4K, used prices run from $2000-$2800 depending on condition. If that is too rich for you, consider a used SS Parasound Halo P7. It is probably the most full-featured pre I've seen anywhere near the price (list is $2K). You should be able to get it inside your budget on the used or demo market. I haven't heard it myself, but Kal Rubinson of Stereophile reviewed it quite favorably.

As long as you are giving up tubes, you might be able to find a used SS McIntosh within your budget. Just make sure it has a remote (only newer models do). A good place to check for used McIntosh gear (aside from Audiogon, of course) is Audio Classics in Vestal, NY. I bought my C220 there and was very pleased with the transaction.

Other than that, check out Rotel, NAD maybe Arcam for other choices.
Try a Pioneer Elite C-91 preamp.
It has EVERYTHING that you want!
Including very "AIRY" sound.
thanks that c220 is a good idea, and it takes 12ax7:) that is good news.(as i have some awesome raytheon blackplates) i do wonder how the headphone out sounds?
so how is the phono stage? anygood, or would you recommend pairing another with it?
and can you change the tone controls via remote????
if i had that and an amp that let me remotely switch from a/b speakers to compare, i would be super jazzed!
I will eventually post a complete review, but a few comments:

I briefly listened to the headphone output with my very modest Grado SR-60 cans. It sounded pretty good, better than the headphone outputs on my CD recorder (a Marantz CDR-632) and my DAC (a highly modded Beresford 7510 with an unmodded headphone jack). Full, clean sound with a nice liquid midrange. IIRC, the C220 does have the tubes in the signal chain of the headphone output.

The phono section is surprisingly good (MM only). Very smooth, detailed and it seems to de-emphasize surface noise without dulling the treble range. This is all in comparison to my previous preamp, a Conrad-Johnson PV-11 with phono stage (it had some performance issues).

Check my system link. It is up to date. I am really enjoying this system. I can't say for sure I will never upgrade any of it, but I am focusing mainly on upgrading things like cables and isolation for the time being.

No on the remote tone controls. You can do mute, balance, volume and a few set up functions via remote. To get remote tone controls, you're stepping up to the C2300 (a significant jump in price). Or, step down to the Parasound Halo I mentioned, which has remote tone control and defeat selection on the remote. In any case, the C220 tone controls are subtle but useful, and do not seem to have any negative impact on the sound when engaged.

The C220 does have three sets of main outputs, if that is helpful.

My only criticisms so far is that the phono section gets a little noisy at higher volume settings. Not horribly so, but noticeable. Some have mentioned that different tubes can help with this. Also, the soundstage width, while decent, is not huge. But when the source material calls for it, it does image and soundstage fairly well. It might have a tad less "tube bloom" than the Connie-J did, but overall, I like it better. Mids, especially voices, to die for. No etch or glare, even on mediocre source material.