Top Notch affordable? speakers for 30 watt Amp

I currently own B&W CDM-7 speakers run by my Audiomat Arpege Reference 30 Watt amp. I have been happy with the B7Ws, yet yearn for a more relaxed, nautural, and eye-poppingly live representation of music wthout the extra intensity my current speakers add to the sound.

Any suggestions? I am very curious about JM Reynaud speakers--Evolution 3s or Concordes.

Maybe Reference 3A?
gma callistos
With a quality 30 watt tube amp, I would also recommend Reference 3A. The DeCapos are a very good sounding speaker. I have the non-"i" version and find them to be a very nice sounding speaker. The non-"i" version tend to take just a little sparkle off of the top end in my system. This is not a bad thing as they tend to not exagerate the top end sizzle found on many mass market recordings. This leaves me with a very relaxed, natural sound, but also maintains plenty of detail.

The other great thing about the DeCapos is that they are very popular. You could buy a pair, try them in your system and re-sell them if you did not love them.


I am using the Thor Audio 30 watt tube monos on my Kharma 1.0 loudspeakers and they have "plenty" of everything you need to drive them ...
i am told by Bobby at Merlin that Audiomat amps are an wonderful combination with his speakers.

good luck