Top Music DVD s?

There aren't a lot of good music DVD's around, i.e., ones that are well recorded AND have good music. Last night, I listened to the DVD of "James Taylor: Live at the Beacon Theater", and highly recommend it for those that enjoy Taylor's work. To be honest, I am not a great fan of Taylor, but I still liked the DVD very much. The audio quality of the disk is very high, with just enough sense of the theater acoustics to sound like a live concert. I've also heard (several times) the DVD's by Talking Heads (Stop Making Sense), and Pink Floyd (The Wall), and liked them also. I have rented the DVD of Tina Turner's live concert, but have not played it yet. Does anyone have other favorites that meet the criteria for having good music, being well recorded, and generally less known? (No need to include the live concert "The Eagles".)
I used to rent the Laser Disc "The Whole Story," by Kate Bush. Unfortunately there is not a DVD replacement for this performance. I like her music, even though her vocals are sometime difficult to separate from the instruments . Just looking at her perform her music will convert most males to her music, a really beautiful woman with a unusual style. The only music DVD I currently own is Fleetwood Mac "The Dance." I would rate the sonics as pretty good. As is the case of Kate Bush, the visuals of the performance increases the enjoyment for me. I hope others will point out some DVD titles that I am unaware of.
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Paul Simon's (including Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masakela, & Ladysmith Black Mambazo) "Concert in The Park" has superb sound on LD...may be as good on DVD. Listen to Steeley Dan, Neil Young (Silver & Gold), and Sinead O'Connor. Many soundtracks on CD (16/44) are not as good as the music on the DVD, but you have to put up with other sounds and dialogue. We must, unfortunately, await DVD-A or a SACD iteration to hear these excellent musical pieces: e.g. Thin Red Line soundtrack. Colm
Neil Young's DVD "Friends and Relatives" recorded at Red Rocks Amphitheater, CO last year and released in late 2000 is my standard for a concert video and audio. The colors are life-like and performers framed in shots as if you were in a small night club. Details, colors, and art directions organized well. The audio is as if you're in the front row seats with fantastic soundstage, and exceptional musical depth. Whether you like Neil Young or not, you have to hear and see this DVD for the visual and audio qualities. Neil Young in Sound and Sight interview three months ago (?) expounded on his life-long fascination with digital technology and it's ability to present his art as life-like as possible. (He's gone as far as remixing his musical catalog and upcoming box set twice before the upcoming release of them.) His "Friends and Relatives" DVD is a living statement of his creedo. (Note: His "Silver and Gold" DVD is also good but not as breathtaking as "Friends and Relatives".) Rent, borrow "F&R" and marvel at it's sonic and audio qualities. Maybe all concert DVD's will be as good as this in the future.
That James Taylor at the Beacon is a great sounding DVD and is one of my favorites so is Neil Young at Red Rocks. That one was a surprise for me especially looking at the whole band (none of them are on Sugar Mountain) but they sound great. The other ones which I have and I think are equal are Keb Mo Sessions, Eagles Hell Freezes Over, Don Henley Live Inside Job, Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon and Chuck Mangione The Feeling's Back in 96/24.
I own several of the discs above and can say the Fleetwood Mac cd version has better sonics than the dts sound and it,s a realistic soundstage as the rears in any mix to date although initially impressive,are not realistic or well placed.I can also tell you neil young is the most anti digital artist there is,and prefers analog.He also said that he wanted to release his material in sacd,not dvd-a but warner gave no choice.Even neils old abused ears can tell that sacd is the superior format,and if there is going to be multi channel music that gets it right,it will probably be sacd multi channel,assuming they ever get the rear placement of sounds right.All of this being said,my favorite music dvd is stevie ray vauhn and its in two channel dd and has a average video,but what a performance.
Peter Frampton Live in Detroit!
Excellent anamorphic video, and well mixed audio.
Fleetwood Mac's "The Dance" is superb as is Roy Orbison's "Black and White Night". If you love Clapton, his dvd "24 Nights" is pretty good. Its the best version of "sunshine of your love" you'll ever hear/see.
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Chris Botti - Live in Boston (outstanding quality)
Billy Joel - Live at Shea stadium
John Mayer - Where the light is
Cream - Royal Albert Hall
Roger Waters - In the flesh
David Bowie - A reality tour (not the best SQ but what a concert)
Andrea Bocelli - Vivere Live in Tuscany
Eric Clapton - Crossroads (several)
Pretenders - The Isle of view (acoustic)
Nirvana - MTV (acoustic)
Alice in Chains - MTV (acoustic)
Dixie Chicks - An evening with the Dixie Chicks (acoustic)