Top loading CD Player clearances

I am currently considering replacement of my Transport/DAC combo with a One-Box digital front end.

I should preface this question by saying I prefer front loading players for my placement application, but there are a couple top loading players I would like to consider due to their capabilities, the front runner being the Reimyo. However, I have never owned a top loading CD player, and do not understand how much room is necessary on top of the units in order to open the door, comfortably insert or remove a CD, and close the door without difficulty.

Any comments about minimum space requirements above the unit in order to see and physically pull this action off without trouble/aggrevation would be appreciated. FYI, there is a shelf which cannot be removed located above the location where the unit must sit, but I have some latitude in how low the CDP can be placed below the shelf. If I go too low though, I start running out of adequate space for remaining components. Any advice in this regard would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
I own two cd transports that are top loaders.One is the Krell MD-1 and has an acrylic top cover that opens like the hood of a car for example.It requires at least 12 inches of space ,my other one is the Northstar M-192 and it uses a sliding door,so it requires about 6 inches and that's because of my hands trying to load/remove cd's.In general topp loaders should be placed on the top shelf,and that is what I do and I got them placed side by side on the top of my rack.I hope that my answer helps.
With the Reimyo with its sliding door you only need perhaps two to three inches, just enough room for your hand and to change CDs. For ease of access I prefer to put the Reimyo on the top shelf with nothing above it, but obviously it's not mandatory. A hinged door requires quite a bit more space, so in most cases such a player has to be on the top shelf.
I have a Sony SCD 777es which has an opening mechenism similar to the Reimyo CDP. Since my main source is my turntable the Sony is relegated to the 2nd shelf. I have about eight inches between the top of the CDP and the bottom of the next shelf although I will be the first to admit I don't really need that much space.

For my CDP a minimum of four inches is doable without any real inconvience. Part of the issue too, could be how high or low the shelf is related to how tall you are, or you position when installing or removing the CD.
Have a lookat the Audio Research CD3 Mk ll as well the newest in the ARC line called CD7.

Both are superb and reasonably priced.

Here is a link to the CD7
The Audio Aerp Capitole is a top loader with a sliding door. Very little room required to operate.
As an owner of 2 toploaders, my rule of thumb is 3-4 inches of space between the top of the player and the next shelf. Especially if the player has control buttons on the top as my Sony SCD-1 amd Moon Eclipse do.
I've found about 3" clearance above the Reimyo CD player is adequate, although I prefer to have it on the top shelf for easiest access. The player itself is 5 1/2" high.
Thanks for the useful input so far guys. To further your understanding of the situation, the top shelf of my cabinet is not available for the CDP, as it is too high to reach to load and unload discs. This is the main reason why I chose to utilize the Audio Aero Prima DAC w/Transport (DAC now for sale), so as to enjoy a terrific digital front end, without a top loader.

However, my setup has changed slightly, and there is now room to at least consider the top loaders. I have thought about the move to the AA Capitole II, but that would be essentially a lateral move considering my Prima ownership.

That said, when I make a move, I generally like to move up when possible, as we all do. The problem is there seems to be very few one box solutions which would be a step up from where I am right now, and most are top loaders. The only thing I have heard in a one box which betters my AA Prima DAC/Transport setup is the Reimyo....which is very musical, but at 3 times the cost. Beyond that, SACDs/DVDAs are not that important to me. I have a few, which I use in another player, but I feel these formats are not going to survive the long haul, so I am not inclined to sink a lot of money into a player of either them.

As for now, the quest continues, but I do like the Reimyo. However, perhaps the long awaited Levinson 51 will be a contender. We'll see.

In my experience, 4" is about the minimum clearance to avoid fumbling. 6" is better. Less than 4" makes putting a disc in the player a frequent knuckle-bashing experience.
I agree with Rex. I am using a CEC TL51X tranpsort with my Prima MK II SE DAC and I need all of the 4 inches I have. The room is mainly needed to easily lift off the heavy puck that sits on top of the disc. So, minimum 4 inches and 6 inches would be ideal. keep in mind these 4-6 inches are from the top of the unit to the next shelf. So, if the unit is 4 inches high you have to add that in.
I have 5 inches clearance for my Sony SCD777-Es toploader and that is plenty.
At 55lbs it cannot sit safely on the top shelf of the tall shelf system I use, (and I can't safely lift it up there anyway!!!) So it is on the second lowest shelf.