Top Choices Under 2K Dac and Transport

Helping a friend put together a separate digital system. Keep the price at $2,000.00 and under for a DAC and Transport. He does have a Onix XCD 88 CDP,that could be used as a transport if need be. Keep your choices solid state and those you actually use or have heard, and the signature they present. Many thanks.
I'm curious as to your limitations, but I'll play along.
I'd recommend a used Classe DAC-1, can be had for around $1K, I don't think it's rich, vibrant tonal colors, or soundstage can be beat at this price. Transport? How about the matching Classe CDT-1?

Thanks for the input. Limitations are those imposed by the client. I have personally had the Classe .5 CDP and really liked that unit, not the problematic Philips 12.4 CDM used in it.
I agree that the Classe' DAC-1 is a great unit at $1K.
I'd suggest the Museatex Bitstream dac (modded by John Wright of Museatex) with a Theta data II. That should put him at around 1000 to 1200 bucks. Add a decent digital cable and you still are under 1500. This is one of the best combos I have heard (including Audio Aero and Sim Audio).
One more vote for Classe CDT-1/DAC-1 combo. As long you don't listen back to back with a good vinyl set up, it might fool you in believing you are listening to a analog set up (with right cabling)