Top brand speakers

Could someone with a vast experience with speakers/subwoofers say which ones are the top brands and worth the money.
OK, my old system works without repair :) I would like to ask if anyone can give an opinion - I am using PC optic output from HD sound card, but when listen to STEREO media, the sound is not good I mean is flat, no deep bass, etc.. Only when I listen to the Dolby/DTS media like movies the sound is far better.
What do you mean by media? If you are talking movies, they probably would sound better in surround.
By media I mean - a source like Youtube, like mp3s and stuff which is streo. The Bluray rips, etc are decoded via my decoder to Dolby/DTS and have far better sound but when the raw signal from the sound card is crappy :(
I have another question for those more familiar with the electronics - today I had some short power outages which resulted in broken audio system again - the light which indicates the power is blinking. When i got the system from the repair shop (they didnt repair it at all) I plugged it in and it was working, but since today after those bad power inputs it is not again. I wonder what that could be - it seems only after a power surge of some sort this can happen.
you do have a power strip of some sort with a fuse of some sort to avoid this? even an inexpensive one will do the trick.