Top brand speakers

Could someone with a vast experience with speakers/subwoofers say which ones are the top brands and worth the money.
Per Bo...
"Paraneer; you need to learn to think further before you make remarks."

But when I am addressing one of your posts Bo, I hardly have to think at all.

And here is another quote from Bo...
"The way you react is what most people do"

I am not the least bit surprised that I have the same reaction as just about everyone else toward you Bo.

Have a nice day and don't forget about the REL thread I tipped you off on. Another golden opportunity to bash them. Better hop to it.
It is not bashing, it is a personal opinion. Audio is a free world. You made it personal.

When I am critical on some products, it is still a personal opinion.

You make remarks on me as a person. When I would do the same: I could say: that your list of stuff you own is not based on a high level of knowledge and insight in audio.
Unfortunatelly this thread became a personal arguing one which was not intended in the first place :) You can disscuss your preference of speakers/audio and not impose your oppinion to the other person :)
People make it personal when I become hard on some products. It is only a personal opinion.

When people make it personal I can become hard on them as well. They just ask for it.

They cannot handle my personal opinion.
I was starting to get bored Bo and was going to let this go, but I can't leave this thread with you thinking that somehow you were "hard" on me. You believe way too much about yourself already.

If being hard on me is making snide comments about my "list of stuff", no problem. I realize you cannot cross pens with me so you must resort to innuendos about my system. You have tried this before with others and to no avail. Besides, I am happy with my system and proud to say that I do not own one component that is Bo approved. In other words, I own no brands you sell.

And regarding me getting personal. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. Lets just say that I am at the stage in my life where I can only tolerate a BS'er to a point. And you pal made my BS detector go into overdrive. Some may be too gentlemanly to call you on it, but I'm not.

So yes, it's a free world and I suggest you stop your crying about this. When you post absolute crap with no written proof to back your statements, be prepared to take the heat. Some of us may call you on it.

Now I am done with this thread Bo. Until your next insufferable diatribe about something else that's too over the top to leave alone.