Top 5 recievers of the 70's and 80's ????

Whats your opinion? Tandberg, Pioneer, Macntosh, Nad and possibly Nikko?????
Fun topic for sure 👍

I’m more of an Integrated collector but do enjoy a Marantz 2330 (restored by Many Moons Audio) that should qualify. 
Beautiful looking single year (1st gen - 1979) production that, I believe, all featured engraved faceplates. Looks particularly snazzy wearing it’s Pathe Wings walnut WC43 cabinet.

Others to consider would be Sansui G8000, Pioneer SX1250, Concept 16.5 & Kyocera R861. The Pioneer because it’s all discrete and AFAIK the only receiver that doubled down power into a 4 ohm load.

Honorable mentions to TwinPower HK units, Sherwood & Sony 
Nakamichi: SR3a

👍 although I prefer silver faceplates

Radio Shack’s Realistic STA-2100 should also be a serious contender

(01). Pioneer SX-737 or Pioneer SX-1250 (flip a coin)
(02). Marantz 19
(03). Harman/Kardon 930 Twin Power
(04). Sansui 9090-


(01). Nakamichi SR-4A Stasis
(02). Kyocera R-861

I had a great Yamaha receiver in the 80's. I never really understood how the loudness control worked technically, but it sure made for great sound. That, and the build quality rivaling anything out there, and the low noise, made it perfect for a college dorm stereo. Still wish i had it, though I now have a much better monster stereo (Bryston and Thiel stuff).