Top 5 Reaons to NOT BUY A TURNTABLE.

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Top 5 reasons to NOT buy a turntable:
5. Don’t really enjoy music.
4. Mostly listen while driving.
3. Congenitally spastic.
2. Must stream endlessly.
And the #1 reason to NOT buy a turntable:
You live on a boat.

Maybe on the space station.. Tough to get the weight right..

Spin this bucket a little faster, the arm won't stay down. Time for a little Merle Haggard.. :-)

Zero-g VTF solved with a spring. Isolation? Floats in air! I do think a ported enclosure will cause the speakers to spin around, but that is easily solved with sealed cabinets and anyway that's a speaker problem not turntable. Zero-g would be pretty cool. No cable elevators, no isolators, everything just floats. Put a record on, float on over and tether into the sweet spot....
I think he was searching for a reason to do a video - any video, about anything!

As they say in the news papers - it was a slow news day

One point I would dispute, is his claim regarding "inferior separation"
  • I have a few older albums that has superb separation and imaging, that even to my old ears, surpasses my best digital tracks.
  • perhaps the sound engineering back then was better?
I would also dispute that "it’s too late" - - - NEVER too late to appreciate good sound

Pity he didn't talk about the the pros of the wonderful sleeve art and the add-in notes included in the sleeve that you can actually READ with normal prescription eyewear !

Boy I’m getting old :-(

Ah well, Life goes on - don’t it?
@williewonka I would agree on the slow news day comment.
I am a analog guy though I do have some CD and stream a bit to.
Keep spinning.
Top 5 reasons to not watch the audioholic:
5. Wierd glasses.
4. Goofy shirts.
3. Goofy, period.
2. Misses the point.
And the #1 reason to not watch:
He's for wanna-bees not audiophiles.
@millercarbon Be nice. He has some good content.
  1.  All your records belonged to your mother
  2.  You haven't saved up enough allowance to buy a decent vinyl system
  3.  You read an article about CD being perfect
  4.  You have to get off the couch to listen to both sides
  5.  You can't figure out how to balance the tonearm
Sounds like Steve is running out of stuff to talk about. 

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I apparently just haven't spent enough on digital equipment to make it sound as good as vinyl. Other than that, I like digital. Not a fan of audioholic though.  
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The one good Guttenberg video
But even here notice how he keeps interrupting the guy, who is way more knowledgeable, experienced and interesting. I tried to find the Paul Beckett interview, where Guttenberg wants to talk about his hair (he should talk) and pretty much everything but the turntable, which uses a lot of really interesting technology, but we have to listen to Steve crack jokes about Onkk, onkk. Brother. 
1-5 Every moment wasted on YouTube.
No time for babysitting LPs.
I for one don't HAVE to listen.
Pity on "we."
For me the turntable/digital debate or tube/S.S. debate are the 4 reasons why audiophiles focus on gear instead of embeddings controls, electrical and mechanical, and especially acoustic...

I dont understand why people dont understand that there is very good digital/analog/Tubes/S.S. products all all scale level...

Reading all this marketing and sometimes bullshit hide for me the important and essential factors to reach Hi-Fi ....

It is not analog or digital gear nor Tube or S.S. gear in itself the key...

It is acoustic one of the main and the most important factor all other things being equal....

In a word a good dac can be superior or inferior to some turntables and vice versa most of the times...Same for tube or S.S. and arguing about that is more than often marketing hype...

The question is how at the least cost could i create a good audio system?

The question is not and never was : what is the BEST gear?

Reading less audio magazine and experimenting was for me the road....

I may create a thread:
Top 5 reasons why never reading audio magazine or audio thread when your gear is already bought....


I like the human factor of Guttenberg chronicle when i listened some in the past though....My post is not a critic of this man or a critic of anyone by the way....

I can't believe how seriously most of you took this. I just smiled at it. At worst it was a discussion.
Worst hair… not sure cut is involved.
@dynaiclinearity Thank you! Way to serious. 
Speaking of haircuts... I took a wonderful picture at the DMV today. 
I can't believe how seriously most of you took this. I just smiled at it. At worst it was a discussion.
Thanks for putting the hands of the clock to their right position...

I am too serious and i can recognize that....

My deepest respect to you.....
I like watching it spin regardless of the inferior sound that it always produces. It is a ’visual’ fetish rather than good sound.
1. You already have 7 turntables.
2. You gave away all your vinyl LP’s in 1988 when CD’s became popular and absolutely refuse to buy all your favorite records all over again. 
3. Your cat claws at the tonearm of your turntable when you’re spinning LP’s.
4. You’ve been convinced that turntables are “the devil’s work” ever since you played all your Led Zeppelin records backwards when you were tripping on acid.
5. You’re secretly concerned that your hearing is shot and you won’t be able to tell the difference between analog and digital after spending a ton of money on a high-end turntable.

Ugh.  I occasionally like Steve's videos, but his Super Click Bait titles and topics are off-putting.

I think Steve may be getting bored with Youtube work
and should consider moving into a new passion regarding
I hate that word embeddings…. Lol
It's "Audiophiliac" knuckleheads.
Steve is fine in my book.  I am a patron.
"And the number one reason not to listen to MC........ He always circles round to Tekton worship"

His video link opens straight to "tekton.blah blah blah blah"...
1- listening to 10 or so tracts when ya only like 3
2- getting up every 10 min. To find another 3 ya like
3- payment plan needed to buy any 3 ya like 
4- payment plan needed to buy old Technology
5- snap crackle and pop is a breakfast cereal 
1971 has it nailed.

Too expensive....maybe the deepest rabbit hole in all of audio.
But nostalgic and has the cool factor.
If I had $25000 laying around 
Actually, he isn't wrong on any count.  Especially when he says he thinks records sound better.

I've actually advised younger people who've heard my system the same.  I mean, does it really make sense to spend 10k+ on the vinyl part of your system if you only have a handful of records?  Especially when well produced high resolution digital can sound excellent, until you compare it to an upper tier analog system.
It's likely the setup for the next video, "Top SIX Reasons to Buy A Turntable". 

Everyone here should thank Steve. He is one of the few actually doing a decent job of getting newbies interested in the hobby, helping to keep recording and equipment manufacturers breathing. 
You'll be selling your current gear to those viewers some day. 

Before you mock Steve's shirts, please note that they made by his wife with point-to-point threading. 

The Audiophiliac is great! Why would anyone make fun of him?
There is only one GOOD reason. You just don’t like it.

You don’t need 4 more after that...

Irish Proverb..

You gotta love Steve's channel, but I will add, COST.....
Actually, the reason not to get into vinyl in that it is an antiquated, obsolete, problem ridden medium fondly remembered by old men like the Edsel Ford. It is a waste of money and space better spent on buying music and hard drives.

There, I got it out of my system.
Actually, I would add to the list that if someone is the type of person that would constantly be worried about alignment, VTF, VTA, antiskate and record cleaning, they are much better off with digital. I’ve seen more than one person who cannot enjoy vinyl because they are too stressed out about setup. @mijostyn5, I agree with you in part, but the fact is a lot of young people are buying vinyl now because they think it’s cool. Aside from that, I have never read a post anywhere from a person owning top-shelf analog and digital setups say the digital sounds better.  I understand how some people are so annoyed by some random pops that they can’t enjoy the medium, but with proper record care, it’s really not that much.
Here are mine...
Phono preamp
Record cleaner

Love it. Love the fact that people are passionate about vinyl and people are passionate about the digital platforms.

I love them all and for me it about the music.

Too poor to afford a turntableToo poor to afford a cartridgeToo poor to afford records
1. You do not currently own any records.
2. You never intend to buy or borrow any records. 
3. You have never heard just how good an analog record can sound.

Because you don't like the best sound. 
Steve G is a nice guy. So it seems. Agree or disagree, he presents information in a pleasant manner. And speaks well to the up and coming audiophiles. I have enjoyed watching several Of his videos.
@artemus_5 LMFAO.
Come tell a story about a man name Jed......
@theophile Good catch none of us seen that. LOL!
Millercarbon has a Masters Degree in Reaon and Loic.
@theophile Caused by Radon in his basement. May even be a PHD.