Top 5 Minnie Pearl Songs?

With a voice that blended the raw sensuality of Donna Summer and innocent loveliness of Kate Bush, Minnie Pearl carved out a career recording some of the sexiest songs of all time. This diva of vinyl had a way about her that made the cowboys melt. It's hard to look over this illustrious career and pick out just five of her most intoxicating tunes, but let's give it try.

Here is my top 5 collection:

5. "Oh Baby Oh-Oh"
4. "Smell The Glove"
3. "Take Me In The Barn"
2. "Me Likes It Like Dat"
1. "Love Me Like A Pork Tenderloin"
I don't know if it was hers or not, but "I got the Hungries for You and I'm Waitin' in the Welfare Line" has always been a favorite country & western song and gets to the heart of what makes country music so appealing, intimate and sublime.
My favorites of hers are:

"Love Me With My Hat On""
"On Top of Ole Roy"
"Drunken Cowboys Need Lovin Too"
"Man's Best Friend is Also a Women's"
"He Got the Gold Mine, I Got the Shaft" (remake)
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