Top 5 Home Theater Processors

What do people think are the best current home theater processors, cost no object. My vote:

Meridian 861
Lexicon MC-12HD
Mark Levinson No 40
Krell Home Theater Standard 7.1
Halcro SSP100
not in any order:
ML No. 40
Chord DSP 8000
Theta Cb III
Meridian 861
Halcro SSP 100
A pricy zip code indeed; It's back to the projects for me. If I were going to vote---Meridian.
ML # 40
Meridian 861
Lexicon MC12B

IN that order , Have used all 3 ,
ML #40 works best for me ,in my total system
Each has their strong suits.
Happy listening
I'd add to this list Bryston
I wouldn't quarrel with any of those choices. But for us mere mortals, I think the Anthem AVM-50 offers a lot of bang for the buck!
My vote :
ML 40
Halcro ? I have not heard, so I cannot comment.

I tried others as well, some were mentioned including the flag ship Krell, Anthem, Bryston, Arcam and Lexicon. As good as these were they are not in the same league. The review was done at a dealers upstairs room, 5 of us played for hours. This was a real eye/ear opener for the staff.
The Krell Standard 7.1 which won over the Arcam and Bryston was brought to my home to try against the Anthem and Theta. The Theta won in all aspects.
The Meridian dealer would not allow for it to be tested/evaluated against the other gear.
First as we all know theater technology changes quickly.
With most companies you have to buy a whole new unit vs upgrading.
Knowing this I find it hard to support a company that does not allow me to upgrade the pre-pro once the new formats is available and widely accepted.
Both the Meridian and the Theta have card slot type upgrade boards which makes it very simple to keep up with technology. I would not want to have to change my pre-pro everytime a format changes.
This is why Theta and Meridian stand at the top of my list.
The best 5 are...

Soundesign, mega 9.1
York, The processor
Sears Kenmore 11.1 processor
Audiovox, The Vox

and Nokia's new "7.1 with cellular". Why be stuck in a closed room when we can have 7.1 on the bus!

Sorry guys, just having some fun! This is truely an intersting thread, but I also laugh at how us guys fill our time. I am to blame too! These are only the type of things that guys most do.