Top 5 guitar jams

What is your top 5 all-time guitar jams, you know the ones that made you pick up the tennis racquet and play air guitar (if you weren't a real guitar player)? For me it was:

1. Green Grass & High Tides / The Outlaws Live in concert
2. Why does love got to be so sad / Derek & the Dominoes in Concert
3. Transcedence / Santana - Moonflower
4. Allman Bros / anything from Fillmore East album
5. Too Rolling Stoned / Robin Trower

Freebird from Skynyrd is of course a given top 5 for many, any others that are off the beaten path?
Freebird? Really? That one drives me nuts. Only hear it on the car radio and can't switch it off fast enough.
Jeff Beck-Cause We've Ended As Lovers(or Goodbye Pork Pie Hat)
Yngwie Malmsteen-Icarus' Dream Suite Opus 4
Randy Rhoads-Revelation (Mother Earth)
George Lynch-Mr. Scary
Van Halen-Any of the first 6 albums minus most of Diver Down
'mona'-quicksilver messenger service......'marquee moon'-television.....'east/west'-the paul butterfield blues band.....'whipping post'-ABB......'the last thing on my mind'-the move......honorable mention, 'the end'-the beatles.
grateful dead: feeling groovy jam in dark star from dix pix vol 4.

quite possibly the pinnacle moment in rock & roll.

honorable mention: the ending on the alt take of "love aint for keeping" on odds for sods by the who. why they didn't release it on who's next is astounding.
This list shows may age. In no particular order and many left out

Joe Satriani - Circles from Surfing with the Alien
Steely Dan - Showbiz Kids from Countdown to Ecstacy
Rory Gallagher - Walk on Hot Coals
Roy Buchanan - Theme from Peter Gunn
Wishbone Ash - Any tune from the Argus album
I'm not sure what I'd put in positions 2-5, but my all time fav is Duane Allman (with Boz Scaggs on rythm - "Loan Me a Dime" from Boz Scaggs fist album.

After that, probably "Layla" and "Stairway to Heaven".
"Who Do You Love" - Quicksilver Messenger Service
"Curve" - The Mermen: Live at Maritime Hall, 1999-03-27
"Intro To Sweet Jane" - Lou Reed Rock 'n' Roll Animal
"Jessica" - Allman Bros. Band
"Little Wing" - Steve Kimock
Voodoo Chile-Slight Return
Since I've Been Loving You
Little Bit of Sympathy
Brothers in Arms
I always enjoy Telegragh Road- Dire Straits. I second Since I've been loving you, I think Robert meant 7am till 11pm.
"Really makes life a drag, I know dat ain't right"
Alright, at least one more here. MMM
How about Lindsay on Big Love from Fleetwood Mac: The Dance

George Lynch Mr. Scary!!!


Zakk Wylde- Bleed For Me
Al DiMeola-Race With The Devil on A Spanish Highway
Steve Vai- Im the Hell Outta Here
Vernon Reid- Cult of Personality
allman brothers live at beacon threater-Dreams
"Out of the Blue" - George Harrison's 'All Things Must Pass' LP
"Riviera Paradise" - Stevie 'Rave On's 'In Step' LP
"Couldn't Stand The Weather" - SRV's 'Couldn't Stand The Weather' LP
EVH on Micheal Jackson's 'Beat It' (no flaming please)

Too many ties for #5
My Generation - The Who "Live at Leeds"

Crossroads - Cream "Wheels of Fire"

Highway Star - Deep Purple "Machine Head"

Flying in a Blue Dream - Joe Satriani "Flying in a Blue Dream"

Can't you hear me knocking - Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers"
Summer Breaze Ernie Isley Just a great solo
Reelin In The Years Stealy Dan
Race with the devil on a Spanish highway
The lost ghost Gamalon
Mr Crowley the late Randy Rhodes made me want to play guitar
Cocaine - live version
MIck Tayor on "hear me knockin" from Sticky fingers
Hendrix "hear my train a comin"
Zep "stairway"
ac/dc "the jack" "let there be rock"
Little feat "waiting for C."
Glass Harp (P. Keaggy) - Never Is A Long Time.
Lou Reed / Steve Hunter - Intro/Sweet Jane
Just too many to isolate just 5 but Allman Bros., Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray V., and Chris Whitley would make my list with a whole lot of their art.
Eddie Hazel (Funkadelic) on Maggot Brain. For me, the greatest of all rock guitar solos.
Clapton - Go back home/stephen stills
Mick Taylor - time waits for no one
SRV - Walking the tightrope
Jimmy Page - In my time of Dying
Neil Young - Love to Burn
Here's some that come to mind:

Without the album in front of me I can't remember the specific song - been a long time - but the live album, "Four Way Street" by CSN&Y has some real goodies.

"Child In Time" by Deep Purple

"No One To Depend On" by Santana

From Buddy Guy's Live release, "The Real Deal" there are some absurdly good jams between Buddy and G. E. Smith, particularly, "Damn Right I Got The Blues" (check out the DVD).

There are various versions, but the best live versions of "Red House" and "Here My Train Coming" by Hendrix are available on some of the unofficial releases after his death. The full version of "Here My Train..." from live at Berkeley is ridiculous.
CCR Heard it thru the grapevine and I put a spell on you
Few will know this one - Gary Rowles bombastic solo from 'Love Is More Than Words' on Out Here, by Love.
Rocky Mountain Way - Joe Walsh
Jessica- Allman Brothers

Will add more / later
Steve Howe in Yessongs has 3 of the top for me:

1. Yours Is No Disgrace
2. Perpetual Change
3. Starship Trooper (nest rendition is the ABWH Live CD)
Agree with Rlwainwright, Quicksilver live version of " Who do you love"
Great rock. Gary Duncun, John Cipollina.... great duo
Allman Brothers Band - Liz Reed Fillmore
SRV - Litle Wing Sky is Crying
Derek and the Dominos - Crossroads FIllmore
Allman Brothers Band - Back Where It All Begins 2nd Set
Hendrix - Born Under A Bad Sign Blues

FYI: related guitar jam info.

The recent Sonny Landreth cd "From The Reach" features some tremendous duets between Sonny and Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, Mark Knopfler, & Robben Ford among others. Don't know if any are "top 5", but it's a great collection, anyway.

CCR? Puleez...... Might as well be Freebird.........
Anything with Duane and Dickey............
funkadelic (maggot brain) 10 mn of smoking guitar solo.
Dire straight
Stevie ray V.
Juan Martin
Hear are are some of my favorites in no particular order:

Dreams - The Allman Brothers. Duane's slide is truly magical.

Train Kept a Rollin' - Aerosmith. Rumor has it that Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter are playing the serious solos.

Goin' Down - Jeff Beck Group. Jeff pulls out all his tricks on this one.

Santana- Soul Sacrifice. Great music from one of the best.

Jimi Hendrix - Stone Free. Live from "The Jimi Hendrix Concerts" double album set. Just mind boggling what he can do.

As an added bonus, how about Alvin Lee's playing on Woodchopper's Ball?
I can put in a vote for "Green Grass and High Tides" off the cuff.
I saw Dylan and his band a few years back. The songs were of secondary importance. When they jammed, it didn't matter what song they were playing, they were tight and like a machine in a groove that could just keep on going....

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have been known to get in a groove from time to time as well. The Greendale CD is a prime example of Crazy Horse going on and on in various grooves that draw the listener in over time.