Top 5 cd recordings of all time?

I would like to buy cds that are recorded exceptionally well. Can you give me your recommendations of the 5 best cd recordings that you have heard? I particularly enjoy Jazz, New Age, and the Oldies. Thank you.
This may seem like a trite pick, but I find myself listening to my XRCD recording of Sonny Rollins, Way Out West, over and over again, and bringing it w/me whenever I am auditioning any kind of equipment. The single notes of the plucked acoustic bass are so beautiful and rich, they are a real test for speakers, cables, amps, and CD players.
Another beautifully recorded CD I listen to is my XRCD recording of Bill Evans, Everybody Digs Bill Evans. All instruments sound gorgeous, another great test CD when you are auditioning equipment.
Enjoy them!
Roger Water's "Amused to Death", gold Sony Mastersound version.

Pink Floyd's "The Wall" MFSL gold version

Neither are jazz, new age, but may be The Oldies by now.
Still the best produced CDs I own.
I'd have to agree with the Pink Floyd recommendation. After upgrading my speakers to Thiel 1.5s I was listening to everything I own "for the first time" again. What I found was that all later Pink Floyd was the best produced/recorded music I owned.
hello about the mobile fidelity copy of Pink Floyd"the Wall"I am of the opinion that this recording has equalization to roll off the highs and boost the bass on a good system it doesn't sound good, the recordings from the"shine on"box set are much better sounding.
1. You want explosive dynamics, crystalline highs and wall rattling bass? Try Triluk Gurtu's "LIVING MAGIC".
2. For exquisitely recorded male vocals, get Doc Cheatham on Orange Blue. In a darkened room, you can swear he's in the room with you; so spooky and realistic is the effect!
3. For pure orgasmic sonic delight, try Clementine's eponymous CD on Orange Blue (FRENCH). Listen to "EASY LIVING" (CUT #2)..., if you don't get a stiffy, then you're either dead or your last name is BOBBIT!
4. If you want a giant Bosendorfer to magically appear in your miniscule listening room, they you have to listen to 3 Blind Mice's "MISTY" by JVC (XRCD). I have never heard a piano reproduced so naturally and with so much power! The first few bars will literally knock your socks off!
5. And lastly, for some spectacular big band sound with some of the most powerful transients these humble ears have heard..., try Reference Recordings' BIG BAND BASIE! Be real careful with the volume control, coz this cd has the widest dynamic range I have yet heard put on record! When the horn section goes full blast..., watch out!!!

I hope that the CD copy of "For Duke" is as good as the vinyl copy. As far as CD goes, the Heart Live CD from 1996, the live Eagles and some of the releases from Fidelis are VERY good.
Here are my nominees for five top jazz cd's:
1. Jeremy Davenport on Telarc
2. Monty Alexander "Echoes of Jilly's"
3. The Charlie Byrd Trio "au courant"
4. Leroy Vinnegar "Walkin' the Basses"
5. The Alan Broadbent Trio "Pacific Standard Time"
Here's a bonus in the country division: Merle Haggard "If I Could Only Fly" highly recommended even for non-country fans. Beautifully recorded.
Hard to argue with Floyd also Steely Dan's entire output is great musically and in terms of production,the MCA remasters from '99 onwards are superior to the previous CD versions.
Early Roxy Music stuff too now available on HDCD.
David Sylvian's recent Everything and Nothing compilation.
Also the Queen early stuff still stands up.
PJ Harvey's Songs From The City,Songs From The Sea-great modern rock recording.
Most old Jazz recordings sound great due to the simplicity of the actual recordings, most things by Miles,Coltrane,Mingus and Monk etc.
There are too many great recordings to isolate into 5.

I have to agree with Mejames on the Pink Floyd. The Harvest import is much better if you like that album. Here are five recordings that I think are superbly recorded:
1. Charles Lloyd, the Water is Wide
2. Steve Davis, the Quality of Silence
3. the Goldberg Variations, performed by Ito Ema on M*A
4. Euforia on Mapleshade
5. Shoji Yokouchi, Greensleeves on Cisco
These are all Jazz except for the third one, which is so exceptional I highly recommend it.
Mikey Fremer would say that there are none!

However, here are mine, in no particular order:

Tanita Tikaram...Lovers in the City
Emmylou Harris...Wrecking Ball
Gladiator...soundtrack, full volume!
Paul Simon...The African Concert (LD)
Laura Smith...Between the Earth and My Soul
steely dan Katy Lied, Royal Scam, Aja

Hogwood Academy Ancient Music Handel pieces

Miles 60's QUintet boxset
jennifer warnes Famous Blue Raincoat.... Willie Nelson Across the Border line
Mark Knopfler's "Sailing to Philadelphia." If you're not familiar this is the lead man from Dire Straits' newest piece and it is very pleasant. The guitar work is extraordinary and the recording is loaded with ambiance. Most fusion fans would appreciate this work.
The WHO- Who's Next by MoFi.

Thank you for your recommendation and response to my thread.

Yes Pink Floyd, just got the echos 2 cd set today and i must say its definetly one of my reference cd's. Some of the songs are rolled off at the top end ( only 1 or2 ) but the rest are very well recorded. BTW hawaii huh, what part?

Happy Listening
Off the top of my head here are some incredibly well-recorded jazz CDs:

Keith Jarrett: Live at the Blue Note
Patricia Barber: Companion
Ginger Baker: Coward of the County