Top 3 songs to evaluate a system

Hi everyone,

So here is the question: what are your Top 3 music pieces to evaluate a system?

The songs should be complementary to cover a wider range of features, but not necessary. If you only listen to one type of music, it would make sense to only evaluate with this type.

Bonus: identify one good part of the piece where you pay extra attention because this is where the difference between systems is more visible.

I'll start:

Holly Cole Trio - Girl Talk - My Baby Just Cares For Me
Highlight: The vibrating cord at 1:59

MaMuse - All The Way - Glorious
Highlight - The clean guitar and the high drum beat that rythm the whole piece

Metallica - ... And Justice for All (Remastered) - One
Highlight - The first drums at 0:53, but the whole guitar as well

Doing this myself, I realize it's very hard to only pick 3!!

This is my go to (othwerwise I just listen to whatever strikes my fancy out of the 4K+ albums that I own). 

To evaluate a system / component whether it will suit your needs:
Listen to music that you like to listen to!And when you make your choices based on that, your system will grow in the direction you take it...

I would recommend listening to all sorts of music you normally listen to. Do that for a month, and then you will notice whether you are happier than before or was it a let-down.

Any other form of evaluation will take you towards a direction where you will not be happy. Use the demo tracks as a learning tool, they are very valuable. But do not use them to make system decisions.
As many have said it’s hard to pick just (3), I have many -  but I do have my #1. A great owner/dealer introduced me to his # 1 (5) years ago and I agree.
The imaging/ soundstage/ separate distinct instruments, with Wynton Marsalis, then with Dianne Reeves voice are simply great. Have a listen and enjoy. I am grateful to that dealer in Tampa.

””The Feeling of Jazz” (covered by many) with 
Wynton and Dianne!


I don't get why Miller Carbon questions why you guys actually still do this?

I would have thought evaluating a system is a completely valid exercise and some recordings are likely to be better than others at revealing flaws.
   I believe this post will receive responses from those who just want to express what their favorite songs are rather than doing what the OP is asking (maybe he is asking that)
   It makes sense to use songs (music) to evaluate a system with those you are familiar. But, the same songs when it comes to "evaluating an amp"  can vary more than the results you want to achieve. Recordings of the same song can sound terrific in one case or horrible in another depending on the quality of the recording.So, an evaluation of a particular amp can't be limited to just 3 songs of a particular genre but to a range of music.
   Music of all styles (pop, hip hop, rock, metal, folk, classical, jazz, xydeco, and some others) contain useful dynamics. Your focus may be on male/female vocals,, instruments, or all of those.
   I'll join the "herd" and weigh in on some of the music I've heard that contain excellent dynamics.......In no particular order.

Steely Dan...Aja
Boston Pops...most any selection
Jennifer Warnes....most any selection
Jethro Tull....Thick as A  Brick
Stuff...Do You Want Some of This
Sanford-Townsend Band...Smoke From a Distant Fire.

There's no end to this list or any other.