Top 3 power cord for DAC

What would be your top 3 recommendation for a DAC.
MAC, my audio cables.
SR Hologram D.
MAC is a good recommendation. The MAC HC is the best designed and best sounding power cord for its price available on the market today.
I agree 100% with Fplanner2000- Synergistic Research Tesla Hologram D.
it is hard to make a recommendation , without stated preferences.
I strongly suggest you check out Kaplan Cables over at

There's an introductory special with a great discount for the next month or so.
I've put every power cord I own on my DAC, except the Virtual Dynamics Power III (which BTW is NOT the worlds best power cable as they claim), and my Elrod Sig III as either would yank the DAC off the shelf by their sheer weights.

shunyata Python VX, Taipan helix, Voodoo Black, and Gold dragons, and The Tesla II, and a Nirvana power cord.

Each one has a different effect on the outcome.
I'm using an Aural Symphonics Magic Gem right now. Sounds good. Am also going to try a Nordost Odin & Valhalla, then Crystal Cable Ultra & Dreamlline. I'm curious to hear if there really is a difference.
Your system and ears will tell you. If ya don't hear a diff, though, don't pay for it.
The best I have tried so far are the Z-Cable Cyclone, JPS Labs Kaptivator, and the Harmonix X-DC. The Harmonix was best on my tubed DAC, but not on the SS DAC. The Cyclone is best on a Northstar Extremo DAC, and the Kaptivator best on an Oppo SE player with the digital and analog sections separated, each with their own powercord.

So far, I don't prefer silver wired cords, but I've only heard three out of probably thirty good ones on the market.

We need more people contributing here !
Acoustic Revive or MIT Oracle Z3
Hello Smofatt,

I finally got around to getting another Nordost Valhalla for my EMM DAC-2. OMG!!! This was my reaction awhile back when I first put them on my mono-block amps and my preamp. It had been a few years and I kind of took for granted the improvement they made to my system.

2-1/2 weeks ago when I added another Valhalla PC to my DAC I re-lived that wonderful experience. Hope you find a PC you feel does the same for your system.

I played my MBL setup with a lot of esoteric power cables.
Settled on a BMI Hammerhead gold mk4 on the MBL 1621A transport and BMI Oceanic statement on the MBL 1611F dac. Simply incredible resolution and realism that I have been searching for. The tranparency and speed is just amazing and perfectly matched with the BMI cables.
The best power cable for a DAC that I experienced was the NBS Active 2.
I've found the Purist L.E. to work best on my Dac's and transports.
I cast my vote for the Nirvana PC+MB as being one of the best power cords for DAC as well as integrated cd players.