Top 3 from: Allman Bros, Tull, Kansas & Feat

The Genesis thread got me thinking. What are your top 3 favorite tracks or favorite LP's from: The Allman Brothers, Jethro Tull, Kansas, and Little Feat? For me, it's:

Allman Bros:
1. IMO Elizabeth Reed /Fillmore East
2. Les Brers in A minor / Eat a Peach
3. Can't loose what you never had / Check Windows, $ gas

1. Miracles out of Nowhere
2. Song for America
3. their debut album

Jethro Tull:
1. the best of Acoustic Jethro Tull songs
2. Bursting out - Live (love the whole album)
3. Quiz Kid / Too Old to Rock n Roll, to young to die

Little Feat - only have the Waiting for Columbus lp so curious to hear what other have to say. Thanks for your responses.
Allmans - Eat A Peach and Fillmore
Kansas - Song For America and Debut
Tull - Thick As A Brick, Passion Play and Minstrel
Feat - Waiting For Columbus and Hoy Hoy
I realize that tastes may be different, but the responses so far are missing
the boat on Tull.

1. Aqualung
2. Thick as a Brick
3. Stand-Up

Runner-ups are:

This Was
Living in the Past

How about one from each (except Kansas).

Benefit (Teacher)

Live @ Fillmore (Elizabeth Reed)

Little Feat:
Dixie Chicken (Dixie Chicken)


Never cared for Kansas or Little Feat ... sorry Marty.
Tull: In this order

A Passion Play
Thick As A Brick
Minstreal In The Gallery

I just couldn't help myself
Little Feat:
1. Down on the Farm
2. Dixie Chicken
3. Sailin' Shoes

And I'll put in a plug for Lowell George's solo album, "Thanks, I'll Eat it Here"
Little Feat

Down on the Farm
Dixie Chicken
Hoy Hoy

Man Lowell George was hot! RIP...
Allman Bros.
Eat A Peach
Idlewild South
Brothers and Sisters

Song For America
Two for the Show

Jethro Tull-
Thick As A Brick
Bursting Out

Lttile Feat-
Waiting On Columbus
Sailin' Shoes/Dixie chicken (tie)
Down on the Farm

I admire the originality of all three of these bands. Unfortunately, Kerry Livgren from Kansas had a stroke a few years ago so Kansas will never be the same. Ian Anderson and Greg Allman are getting kind of long in the tooth so we should support them while they are still touring. They certainly are leaders in their respective musical styles- often imitated, but never truly replaced. Little Feat on the other hand, continues to produce interesting music long after Lowell George. Little Feat's recent album Rooster Rag is great.
Allman Brothers Band ----
1- You Don't Love Me (Filmore East)
2- Mountain Jam (Eat A Peach)
3- In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (acoustic - Second Set)
4- Jessica (Check the Oil, $ Gas)
...... I know you only asked for three.. ...Consider "Jessica" a bonus !
Allmans-Fillmore, Eat and Idlewild
Tull-Benefit, Stand Up, This Was
Kansas-they blow
Little Feat-debut only
Allman bros first album, fillmore, peach

Tull stand up, benefit, songs from wood

Little Feat first , waiting columbus , dixie chicken

Kansas. None
Allman bros. Live at the Beacon gives Live at the Fillmore IMO a run for it`s money