Top 3 Best Sounding Room In The HE Show 04'

Stop by and drop a vote for the top three best sounding room you have in mind for the HE Show 04' (East Coast). Here it is for mine:

Best Sound:
1.) Kharma + Lamm + Walker Audio
2.) Silverline Audio
3.) Sim Audio + Silverback

Best Home Theater:
1.) Krell + Transparent + Faroudja
2.) Harvey (McIntosh + Martin Logan + Runco)
3.) SIM Projector (Very Nice Projection Pictures)
I was very impressed with the music being reproduced in a newcomer's room: Hyperion was making some sweet music via their HPS-938 loudspeakers. If you go, be sure and see them on the 6th floor.
I thought Lloyd Walker was making nice music in his room with his TT + Lamm + Kharma 3.2/Kharma sub.

Sound By Singer's 2 channel demo with the JM Lab Grande Utopia/BAT/dcs set up was very involving as well.

To my mind, vinyl demos were not as popular as I had hoped, and I was disappointed with rooms that I had very high hopes for.
So far: Kharma + Lamm, MBL 101E + MBL electronics, JM Lab Alto Utopia (I don't remember what the amps were; this room was IMO better than either the Nova Utopia or the Grande Utopia).

Back tomorrow for more.
I just came back from the show. My vote goes towards the JM Labs/BAT/dCS room.
The most impressing room was Goldmund. I think they are underrated in US. Their new Mimesis 18.4 is great. Hyperion was a big surprise. JM Labs/BAT/dCS was great, but considering their price, it could be better.....
Excluding the big and/or mega-priced stuff, I was particularly impressed with two SS amps - Red Planet Labs and the Linar 5 channel integrated amp.

I don't think most people realized how impressive it was to combine a high efficiency speaker like the Rethm with a big SS amp like the RPL. I bet you could have fooled many tube devotees and even converted some of them with that demo. Seemed like great guys too.

As for the Linar HT integrated amp, I thought this was a great idea and almost bought one for my HT on the spot. It sounded exceptional and you could even use it to biamp. BTW, that Gershman center channel speaker demoed with the Linar is one of the best I've ever heard.

For those on a tight budget, there is no need to mix and match cheap components and hope for the best. I've heard the Odyssey and Outlaw rooms enough times to say that they could be your ticket for virtually complete 2 channel and HT systems, respectively. Excellent performance to value ratio.
Hey Y'all,

I will third the vote for the Hyperions. I really was impressed by the tonal balance these guys were able to accomplish in that room. The other thing that was equally impressive is the price. For $4000.00, these are the best floorstanders I've heard in the price range. I'm considering them for a future upgrade but I would need to find out if they offer a center channel speaker..........John