top 25 speakers of all time, no ribbons?

I was looking at the list made by audiophile review, the top 25 best speakers of all time, but there are no ribbons speakers, so i wonder, is that Real? None ribbon speaker qualifies as some of the best? Not even raidho? Why would this be? 
Forget Raidho, no Apogees?  I would have thought that one of them would make the list.
How about Magnepan? Best speaker I have ever owned including my Watt Puppies
When i have a week ill do it.
Strange list. Missing many classics.
Apogee Slant 6/ Slant 8.
Revel Salon 2. Flawless .

The Maggie 3.7s were included in the top 25 list, and an Apogee did come in after the top 25 (as did Duntech and Dunlavy speakers and the Infinity IRS V).  I would have placed all of those speakers in the top 25, well ahead of some of the speakers they included.
If that was an objective analysis (top 25), then the conclussion is dome tweeters are better than ribbons, amt and plannars, so ribbons are better in technical characteristics but it doesnt mean better sound than domes.
That article is 4 1/2 years old now.  Maybe an update is needed?
@alfau7 What is your opinion? Personally I think the Scansonic and Raidho ribbon is much better than any dome tweeter I've ever heard. Although 4 years ago when I owned Dyn C1's I thought the Esotar2 was the best.
How many reviewers have ribbon speakers in there reference system?

None that I know.

Who makes up these lists?  Reviewers. 

Question answered!
Zu Audio Definition Mk. IV
Terry London of home theather review has the Lawrence cello as refrence, they use aurum cantus ribbons.
my opinion? Is not worthy as i never heard any ribbons, actually i am trying to identify if they are better than my better reference wich are the paradigm sig 2 v3. The sig 8 v3 are the seventh on the list btw.
Ribbons will continue to be the 'bastard child' in the world of 'audiophilia' until they've 'been around enough' and been technically 'tweeked' enough to gain grudging acceptance that they outperform cones 'n domes. MHO.
Planars and 'stats, esp. the latter, have achieved that status to some extent.  Until M/L figured out how to curve a 'stat to reduce 'beaming', we had to bolt down the chair to the 'sweet spot' to enjoy them.

Whatever....I don't pay much attention to reviewers.  Nobody sends me speakers to listen to.  And I suspect that if I didn't like them much and committed that to print across from their advert, that wouldn't go on for much longer, either.

Again....MHO.  That and a buck will get me a crosstown bus ride.