Top 2009 recordings

This is a bit late, but indulge me if its been covered. Looking back at last year I realized I didn't do enough listening for a variety of lame reasons, mostly starting with a "w". My resolution this year is to find at least one new recording a week for 2010 so that won't happen again. However, I still missed a bunch from last year. So what are your favorite recordings released last year?
I like your resolution, whatever your 'w' reason is. To more directly answer your question, in no particular order, here are my favorite releases from 2009 that I continue to enjoy beyond just a flash in the pan:

Antony & The Johnsons, "The Crying Light"
Melody Gardot, "My One and Only Thrill"
Anouar Brahem, "The Astounding Eyes of Rita"
Madeleine Peyroux, "Bare Bones"
Rickie Lee Jones, Balm In Gilead
Regina Spektor, "Far"
Tom Waits, "Glitter and Doom" (not great SQ)
Arvo Part, "In Principio"
Alexi Murdoch, "Towards the Sun" (limited release)
The Swell Season, "Strict Joy"
Kmulkey - That wasn't one of them! And yes, one was work, also wallet.

Drubin - Thats a bit older than 2009, but they do affect the wallet ;)

Jax2 - thanks! I'll check into a few of those. I've been realy enjoying the Gardot, and heard a couple by Alexi Murdoch that sound interesting.

I've been spinning "Get Lucky" - Mark Knopfler quite a bit
Antony & the Johnsons "Crying Light"
Marianne Faithful "Easy Come, Easy Go"
Christian McBride "Kind of Brown"
Jamey Johnson "That Lonesome Song"
The Noisettes "Wild Young Hearts"
The Cocktail Slippers "St. Valentine's Day Massacre"
John Haitt "Same Old Man"
Leonard Cohen "Live In London"
Drubin- your Lowell George reference brought a big smile to my face. Good memories!
good catch Danlib1

Drubin good 'w' pick

And you show me a sign
I'll be willin', to be movin' ...

thats all!
These probably do not fall under the audiophile recording category but The Allman Brothers sell recordings of some of their concerts on their Hittin' The Note website.

The band celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2009 and dedicated their run at the Beacon Theatre to the memory of Duane. A number of well known artists sat in with them but I would recommend the shows from March 19th and 20th when Eric Clapton sat in for 6 or 7 songs and they played some tunes from Layla. Great stuff!
I enjoyed:
Dinosaur Jr.- Farm
David Gilmore- Live in Gdansk
Alejandro Escovedo- Real Animal
The Gourds- Haymaker!
Mitch Kashmar- Live at Labatt's
Ronnie Earl- Living in the Light
Neil Young- Harvest Moon Live
Great Caesar's Ghost- Better Off Dead
Tom Petty- Live Anthology
I agree with the previously mentioned post regarding the Allman Bros. show with Eric Clapton. These can be purchased at

Most of these can be purchased used at reasonable prices on Amazon or CDbaby.
Neko Case - Middle Cyclone, preferably on Vinyl, second on Wilco - The album

Beatles reissues.
Cab 3
Alice In Chains...don't like the second cut though
Don't think I even purchased anything else besides older stuff at thrift stores/pawn shops. I really have a diverse taste in music but nothing strikes my fancy lately.
Antony and the Johnsons - The Crying Light (as others have mentioned)
The Antlers - Hospice
Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavillion
various/artists - Dark Was The Night (great compilation disc with proceeds going to charity)