Top 100 Innovative Global Audio Gear Companies

Bang & Olufsen is in the latest top 100 globally! B&O was selected by Businessweek in position number 48 of top innovative companies in the world. (All companies and not just audio/video companies)

I happen not to agree with Businessweek. Who would you vote for as the Top in audio equipment innovation?

( retailers please, just audio equipment makers, and lets keep it relevant....please no votes for Edison's phonograph.)
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I couldn't begin to come up with 100 names for the "most innovative" audio companies (or people), but Bob Carver certainly deserves to be included. Even if one disgrees with whether some of his gear is/was "high end", he has been one of the most consistently innovative audio designers/engineers in the business.
Nelson Pass
Like you, I do not agree with BusinessWeek and I would replace B&O with Linn Products Limited which is innovative in its wide range of products encomopassing a wide price range as well. They do make products of substance even acknowledged and praised by the audiophile cognoscente.
I think Scott's suggestion of Bob Carver is excellent.

The best I can come up with beyond that is Sony. Yes, I'm sure you are laughing now, but CD and SACD, was brought to us by them (and, Philips, of course). Whatever we think about MiniDisc and BluRay, they are not afraid to be on the cutting edge. Of course, you can riddle my suggestion ala their motives (profit, market share, dominance, etc.) for all of this; then again, I don't know too many businesses that have losing money as a goal.

I'll give honorable mentions to AtmaSphere and Magnplanar, although both of those products are mature enough that they kind of lose a bit of this description.

Sadly, most of the innovators in this industry come from another generation - AR, Williamson, Marantz, McIntosh, Apogee, Quad, and on and on...
Dennis Morecroft[DNM],along with Carver,Klipsch,Hafler,Marantz ??More to be sure.