Top 10 vintage cassette decks

Howdy folks!

Would like to add an excellent vintage cassette deck to my setup. Luxman PD444  and Victor TT-101 make up my vintage vinyl setup. It would be cool to include a badass old timer cassette deck don't ya think. Also researching 70's, 80's R2R's. There's another thread on that one. Anyway, I appreciate your knowledge and experience with a killer top ten vintage cassette deck. Bam!


@spenav When I was first getting into audio the store local to me had one of those for sale, even back then it was out of my price range but I used to stop in just to ogle it.

The only cassettes I care about are those of my old bands either in performance or jamming, and me playing my musical instruments. No, we weren't very good, but it'd be great if I could hear how bad.

I having had Naka CR7E for home and TD700E for hi fi car for many years, the latter I sold last year with a new playhead spare.
Both had great sound better than all the home and car decks I’ve had.
However, there is a contender who aspires to leadership and has the name of Studer A721 or the brother for home use Revox B215S.
They will make the repairman happy in case of breakdown because the interior is in modules and is completely disassembled in less than 15 minutes for all maintenance unlike the Naka which have tangles of cables and curses to change the belts, idler or other.
Obviously the performance is state of the art.

another vote for Nakamichi Dragon.

I never owned one but a friend of a friend had one.  It's operation and performance seemed awesome compared to anything I had heard.  Other components in his system certainly contributed, but the Dragon, in my recollection, was the star.

Wow, that’s a lot of information folks. Thanks!!! My main intention is too have a vintage cassette and R2R that i can display and use when I choose. I’ve got two killer TT’s, now it’s time to add a couple more piece. My goal is to purchase the R2R first, then in 6 months or so, get a cassette. R2R is first. The time for research is now.  I appreciate the info so far, plenty to pick from.