Top 10 Alt-country bands

Attached is an URL for an interesting article in the Dallas paper about the Alt-country sub-genre. I really like most of these bands. If you don't dance to the Gourds, you don't have a spine. I would add Alejandro Escovedo and Steve Earle to this group. Any other alt-country artists of note?
good list. in addition to the others listed above, i'd add lucinda, richard buckner (my fave), blue mountain, driveby truckers, richmond fontaine and handsome family. also jason and the scorchers and foster & lloyd, whose "faster & louder" might be the best record in the whole canon.
I agree good list though I would personally have the Old97's higher and Wilco lower. For an awesome newcomer to the genre check out J Roddy Wallston and the Business out of Baltimore. The debut album from a few years ago is off the charts good.
lucinda williams
jamey johnson
cross country ragweed [now broken up sadly]
hacienda brothers [now less 1 member]
dave alvin
band of heathens
shooter jennings
maybe not exactly alt country but great groups from the edge of the genre
how could i forget chris knight and reckless kelly?
shelby lynne and allison moorer