Toots Thielemans

Has anyone seen Toot's Live? He's 89 now and still touring. I was listening to his 'Aquarela Do Brasil' release because I'm a huge Elis Regina fan.

If you don't know Toot's, Google search him. He's the best harmonica player that ever lived, and I don't think anyone would even argue with that statement. If you live in the U.S. and are 45 years old or younger, he's the guy playing the harmonica at the end of Sesame Street.
how about Paul Butterfield, Charlie Musselwhite, Jr. Wells etc? BTW I like TT very much. He is a chromatic harp master.
He also is an excellent jazz guitarist.
And renowned Jazz Whistler:) as on Bluesette, etc.
(Ray) Brown Ballad with Quincy Jones Orchestra ... sweet stuff!!!
Saw him in Paris at the Louvre with Lionel Hampton's Band.
How's that for one upmanship.

Somebody must have listened to PBS last night.
I guess I would argue with the "best" statement. For "best " harmonica player designation, it would be hard to not look at Larry Adler, an amazing virtuoso. But I would certainly agree that Toots is the best Jazz harmonica player.

If you like "Aquarela Do Brazil", you should check out his "Brazil Project". One of his more commercial projects, but beautiful music and audiophile grade sonics. Another favorite is his work as sideman on one of Bill Evans' lesser known records, "Affinity".
Thanks for the responses. I agree with everything you have all posted. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one into this stuff. I listen to a wide range of music. To give you an example, I was listening to 24 bit 9 Inch Nails today, and am now listening to Pink Martini. I even like some old country music but not much. I will soon be listening to Brazilain Bossa Nova.
Donjr, check this out. Enjoy.
Spent some time with Toots a little over ten years ago. Told me his favorite all time recording was the one he cut with Bill Evans. It truly is a masterpiece!
I saw him in Boston about 10 years ago. Great musician. The theme song for a rather steamy Dutch movie (Turkish Delight, featuring a yound Rutger Hauer going full monthy) was written by him and is forever ingrained in my musical memory.
Frogman, your link takes me to Alice Cooper. Could this be because of Halloween?
What?! Have no idea why. I just clicked on it myself and it takes me to Elis Regina. Try again.
Yashu, that would be "Affinity". Understandably beautiful with Toots and Bill.

In my opinion, "Affinity" is the best ever by "Toots" or "Bill". I have numerous LP's headed by Toots and Bill as well as many featuring them as sidemen, and beyond any doubt in my mind; "Affinity" represents their best works.

Although I like all of the cuts on this LP, "Tomato Kiss" is my favorite. It features Marc Johnson on acoustic bass, Eliot Zigmund on drums, Larry Schneider on tenor sax; and of course Toots and Bill. Larry blows soprano sax on this one, and Toots is blowing that harmonica like Trane. Bill on electric piano makes this album most unique.

"Jesus Last Ballad" is next. Bill makes that electric piano sound like a heavenly harp, and when Toots harmonica comes in, they take of on a cloud. This celestial music definitely conveys "Jesus' Last Ballad".

This version of "The Days of Wine and Roses" is the most beautiful I've ever heard, it displays the soul of Toots harmonica.
Orpheus10. This is some great information. Thank you. I'm really loving this music, and stumbled upon it because I'm a huge Ellis Regina fan (Brazil). You would really like 'Aquarela Do Brasil'.
Good stuff... Thanks fellas.
Donjr, were you able to clear up the problem with the link that I posted?

I saw him in Pittsburgh about 10 years ago. I had no clue who he was. I was in awe!! What a perfomance!!
Frogman.. yes. Thanks for asking. I just ordered his 'Brasil Project' disc from Amazon because I'm loving the 'Aquarela Do Brasil' so much. Toot's and Elis Regina were an amazing match up.
Okay, so I just played Brasil Volume 1 from beginning to end. It's excellent, although 'Aquarela Do Brasil' is quite a bit better IMHO. I do love the line up on Volume 1 with Gilberto Gil and Milton Nascimento, but there's something about the Elis Regina that really makes 'Aquarela Do Brasil' rock. Maybe because Elis Regina was a little more of a Janis Joplin and Toots was so much younger. 'Aquarela Do Brasil' is Toots best I've ever heard so far.