Toothbrush's featured in Stereophile

Stereophile April 2009, Sam's Space
Last month is was razors and shaving cream, this month it's a toothbrush.
Quote "I've had more pleasure from my Radius Scuba than I have from any pair of interconnects or speaker cables. End Quote.
Well after reading that I went and bought one and sure enough he was right. It is by far the best toothbrush I have ever owned. (I purchased the regular as opposed to the Scuba)
If Sam does not gain financially from these plugs then I don't see any harm done.
What's your opinion?
Did anyone else buy one or was I the only reader to give it a try.
I no longer brush my teeth, preferring to use my disposable income for purchasing copies of Pat Barber and Diana Krall albums.
And as Viridian's friend and dentist, I can confirm that he does indeed no longer brush his teeth.

FYI: I used to like to go to Viridian's house and listen to music with him, but no more, or at least not with out a clothes pin for my nose!

PS Hey Viridian, when are you going to make an appointment to come in for those dentures?
(Or hasn't eating oatmeal for all three meals a day gotten boring yet?!)
ha ha, this is one of the last things i thought i'd be commenting on in the audiogon forums, but yeah, they are good toothbrushes.

i had to switch to them a couple of years ago when i finally got serious about not buying from companies that tested on animals and the radius toothbrushes are the best of the not-tested-on-animals lot for my money.

...and i'm not sure what stereophile said about shaving cream, but for the record, the best shaving cream not tested on animals (IMHO) is - don't laugh - "kiss my face", to which i give a "class A" rating.

What's the problem with testing toothbrushes on animals? When I worked in the Thoroughbred Horse industry in high-school, we used to have the horse dentist visit annually to clean the horses teeth. Should I have an ethical issue with this? Just askin'.......

Toothbrushes in general are hard on electronic equipment. Very likely to cause swirls in turntable dustcovers. Haven't been tempted to shave any animals. Not really sure how to get "pleasure" from a toothbrush, don't think I want to know.
I am sick and tired of reviews like this, totally subjective and Sam did not even consider blinded, (or tasteless) testing of this brush with other tooth brushes. Also, there was no information on the types of tooth pastes used, just a blind statement of endorsement probably motivated by getting some reference quality tooth brush at a discount. Bad, bad Sam. And where the *!&%#? was J.A.'s measurements?
Radius also makes a model with a 100% post consumer recycled handle and replaceable heads.
I must admit it is the best toothbrush I have owned.

I am now looking to cryo the brush head and damp the handle with Walker 2 step hand tool treatment paste to achieve optimal bristle/enamel contact.

I am also using a solid olive wood brushing platform on the floor to raise my head for the spit to sink angle.

Highly recommended.
I stopped using the Scuba several years ago when my dentist insisted that I use a brush with a smaller head. Sure enough my plaque buildup has dropped. I see they make ones like she recommends now though.
Audio grade toothbrushes?

This is a made for Geoff moment.
I was thinking this post might be about Stereophile letting Sam plug products, not about toothbrushes.
Regarding his quote, if I had to choose I would rather have a toothbrush then any piece of audio gear, that's just me though.
Unfortunately Sparky you have no control over the thread after its' initiation.

Please remember to floss regularly.
I care about as much of what Sam thinks about a particular toothbrush as I care about what he thinks of any given audio component. Which is to say, very little. I now have a picture of Viridian brushing his teeth with a Diana Krall CD, while admiring his foamy-mouthed reflection in a Pat Barber CD he's propped up on the bathroom shelf...I don't even know what he looks like, yet the whole scene is not pretty. No great loss on the CD's, but obviously not very effective for dental hygiene given his dentists need for a clothes pin. Perhaps you should consider have Geoff phone you up for a Telefloss tweak. More to the point, I'm quite sure Sam must be getting kickbacks from the personal hygiene industry bolstered in large part by the Proctor and Gamble Bailout Bonuses that we're all paying for. Thanks for bringing this up, Dreadhead (aka "Sparky"); I'll be canceling my subscription first thing tomorrow morning. Next month I'm guessing we can all look forward to a toilet paper shootout.
"Next month I'm guessing we can all look forward to a toilet paper shootout"

Finally! I have been wondering for years now if ole Sam squeezes the Charmin!
thanks I love toothbrushes!
Does brushing audio "caps" help as much as brushing my "caps"?
Since I have "British teeth" (we all know what that means) I do not worry about the brand of toothbrush I own. On the other hand, if I HAD perfect, blindingly whit teeth (Just like the movie stars) I might worry more about the brand of toothbrush I scrub my amazingly dingy looking crooked yellow/brownish teeth with.
And no, I don't desire to trade them in for a set of perfect fake teeth.
next it will be condoms which s like taking a shower with your socks on..........
Unlike the Banksfriend, I am NOT interested in toothbrushes made out of "post consumer recycled materials." It's going in my mouth for heaven's sake! Ewww!

What's next? Recycled latex condoms? Double Ewww!
What's next? Recycled latex condoms?
Don't you know? This is the post consumer recycled material the toothbrushes are made of.
the handle is recycled, the head is replaceable.

We contribute so much to the greenhouse effect running our (my) class A amps, using a recycled toothbrush seems like a small concession.

I thought this was an amusing post but some of you guys are bringing me down, man!