Tools for cartridge mounting...

1. Does anyone know of a small torque screwdriver that could be used to mount a cartridge (to ensure equal pressure on both screws)?

2. Does anyone know of a good type of needle-nose pliers to use for connecting cartridge leads (without chewing up and scraping the connections)?
check out
marakanetz: the domain name is not accessible on my isp. do you have a complete URL?

Kelly, here is the exact link:

In answer to the question about the torque wrench for cartridge screws, I own one and find it perfect for the application. Problem is, I do not know who manufactured it.

It works by tightening (clockwise) until the wrench suddenly "breaks," and will not tighten more. A couple of rounds for each cartridge mount screw and the tension is perfect.

I will try to find who the manufacturer was and post here. I should warn you that the cost was about $100.00 as I remember. Not a lot for tightening a high end cartridge, but a heavy investment for a low end cartridge and a one time use.
thanks, albert. i accessed the web site but don't see any of the tools you use or about which the thread began. the tiny torque driver sounds cool; love to have one for my tool chest.

i've acquired a number of tools over the years that i use for my audio equipment. for example, there's a set of rotating-head screwdrivers made in germany that were designed for working on precision instruments (manufactured by "wiha"). i've also found very small, well-made pliers and wire cutters in stores that supply rc car, plane and boat hobbyists. carburetor wrenches (in metric sizes) are also helpful in takin' stuff apart.
finally, i've found some really neat little watchmakers' tools in antique stores; they're art objects as well as tools.

Rega manufactures and sells a cartridge mounting torque wrench that fits the description of the one that Albertporter is using-a knurled anodized aluminum cylinder with an allen key shaft protruding from one end which clicks upon reaching a preset torque value.A very handy device.Available thru Lauermann Imports in the US.

Techni-tool, sells torque screwdrivers, but they are very expensive at $150-500......They also sell what is termed "round nose" pliers which do a great job of not crushing the cartridge clips as would a snipe nose or chain nose pliers.....look at TT No. 844PL114 as Lindstrom makes good tools.......
I use WBT 0480 torque screw driver 5dNm,it come w/flat blade one end and torx T6 the other end,the new WBT 0481 is listed at 200$. If someone interested I get a extra WBT 480 in new cond.
You may want to check eBay. These things do pop up.