Tools boutique quest.

I'm a-bit overwhelmed by poor quality of tools available for electronics repair especially screwdrivers that you need to have quite an arsenal to work with: sizes high, low, thin, thick preferably with magnetic tip. Now most of my screwdrivers from are bent and I'm looking for some tougher and more convenient tools. 
Where I can shop for tools made in Switzerland, England, Germany or Japan?

For example 
I usually shop for my kitchen tools here: the Canadian based dealer of high-end kitchen supplies for those who don't like to go out or purchase pre-cooked meals.

Same I would want to find indeed for fine electronic tools such as wire-cutters, wire-strippers especially for fine gauged wires... 
Have you tried Techni-Tool?  They were a customer of mine that specializes in electronics assembly and repair supplies for PCB manufacturers.
Facom & Stahlwile are Euro brands, as is Weva (and the latter is less automotive oriented).

I still have the Jensen tools I received when I started my first professional electronics job in 1982. I use them regularly and have not had a single failure, except due to misuse. The Jensen kit includes AMP wire cutters and wire strippers and I'm still using them 34 years later. I just check Jensen's website. Looks like my kit is (or is similar to) the  Jensen Tools JTK-47GC Field Engineer's Kit in Single-Sided Gray Cordura Case, which is still available today. It's pretty expensive, but it could last you forever.
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