Tooling / Replacement Drivers

I'm planning to replace all drivers and upgrade DMD tweeters in a set of old floor standers.

Usher Audio Mini Dancer 2.

Wondering if anyone has done this and what tools / hex wrench specification is required.?

Perhaps standard tools units but I do not want to risk damaging the nut heads and bolts anchor nuts that the covers slot on to. Speakers are mint, would like to keep them mint.

New to this site.

Cheers. JP.
Metric or sae, and what size you’ll need to figure out. Shot in the dark hoping someone knows. Once the screws are out you need to pry the driver gently out breaking the seal to the cabinet age has mostly likely caused. I use a plastic putty knife to protect the wood surface and a thin sturdy knife between that and the bottom of the driver to pry it out. Patience is the key.
That’s my way, I’m sure there are other ways. Maybe someone else chime in with their techniques.
Thanks for the reply. 
Thankfully there long nuts projecting that the dust covers clip on to.
I can use those to get leverage to remove the driver. 

Why are you replacing the drivers?

Also, worth checking the tweeter caps, replacing those from cheapies can be really sweet.
I'd buy a cheap-o SAE and Metric hex key kits (if they are hex heads) and find out exactly what size your speaker has and then buy a high quality hex driver in that size. I like straight handle (like a screwdriver) rather than T-handle.

Are you sure they are hex and not Torx?