Tool fan needs help with speakers (and electronics)

Just like the title says. I mainly listen to Progressive Metal, Grunge and Classic Rock.

I'm looking to build a system with an emphasis on speakers. My all in budget is $5K. Will consider used. My listening room is 4,368 cubic feet. 21' (L) x 16' (W) x 13' (H). Tile floor. No acoustic treatments. Not currently interested in vinyl or tube amps.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


JBL, Klipsch, Paradigm.

I just remembered a Lou Reed speaker shootout many years ago. He panned Martin Logan, and raved about Klipsch.  He was a guy who really understood the importance of tone in amplified music.
Tool does play on horns. Barresi doesn’t mix on horns. And their music isn’t mastered on horns. Or JBL.
They use nothing but dynamic speakers except at their live shows where they use horn loaded line arrays. The WORST I ever heard Tool was on JBL line arrays and horns.

I think the SM9 is pretty small for what the OP is needing. Those are specifically near field monitors made to sound their best at 4 or 5 feet away. 
Vintage jbl l series or klipsch Cornwall’s. Both dynamic as heck. I’ve had them all and now I’m older and listen to musical a much lower volume. 
When I was younger I used to blow up the house with some jbl l-200. They were fantastic. 
jpaz, I hate to be the barer of bad news but that is a very big room. It is unlikely that you are going to do Tool justice with $5000. If you could find an old pair of K horns and slap something like the Benchmark AHB2 on them you would get the volume and great upper midrange and treble detail but the bass will be muddy. Kick drums will not hit you like they should and also imaging will be non existent. Even if you were to isolate one corner of the room for listening with a smaller system you will not get there with todays prices for $5K. My best advice is not to waste your money and keep saving! 
+10000000 on the goldenear technologies tritons. I have 2 different CD  changers and they both have a minimum of 2 tool cd's in them at any given time. I  have triton 2's in my main room powered by a yaqin mc50L chinese tube amp with some nos mullard 12at7 preamp tubes and jj's in the other six slots. I know you said you're not a tube guy but, if you're in NE Wisconsin you are welcome to come have a listen. Triton 2's were $2700 amp was $880 upgraded tubes were approximately $240 and my sony sacd changer was $25(at a pawn shop). It sounds fan freakin tastic. Cheers!!!!