Tool fan needs help with speakers (and electronics)

Just like the title says. I mainly listen to Progressive Metal, Grunge and Classic Rock.

I'm looking to build a system with an emphasis on speakers. My all in budget is $5K. Will consider used. My listening room is 4,368 cubic feet. 21' (L) x 16' (W) x 13' (H). Tile floor. No acoustic treatments. Not currently interested in vinyl or tube amps.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for suggestions, everyone. I appreciate it.
Tool sounds incredible on both my Golden Ear Triton References And Triton One speakers.  Clean, clear and very powerful bass. 
Tannoy or JBL. Will give you big soundstage and dynamics. 
If you get models with 10” drivers you’ll hear drums that don’t sound compressed the way they ca do on slimline tower speakers. 

Right up my alley.

Given that your room doesn't have much in the way of acoustic treatment, OHM Walsh speakers might be a great fit.  They are meant to use reflections to their advantage.  Huge soundstage, deep bass.  

You can go new, or buy some used and have John upgrade them.

Or, look at there "deals" on used, demo, or refurbs they have.

Then I would look for a nice integrated amp, probably class D as Ohm's like power and you might get more bang for your buck.

Possibly the powered golden ears (new or used) Tool sounds good when the speakers can thump, the powered bass section will allow you to have less power with your amp selection.

Golden Ears and OHM's both tend to be fairly smooth on the top end, which would also be nice with a room like yours where the tile floor etc may end up being a bit brighter.

I might consider budgeting for a decent area rug in front of your speakers though.
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