Too terminate or not

Final addition to my Harbeth p3esr and Croft Integrated amplifier combo is the speaker cable. Unfortunately I need a 30 foot long run. I’ve narrowed down my choice of cable to Mogami 3103. 

I can purchase the cable in bulk from Performance Audio at $2.86/ft(need 60 ft total). I suck at terminating cables and I can purchase Vampire HDS spades separately - where can I send for professional termination with gas tight crimp and maybe treating the cable with Cryo while there? Take Five Audio sells 30ft in pair Cryo treated and terminated with Vampire spades for $450.
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I don't like terminating speaker cables, it simply means you're adding another junction (another point of failure).  As an avionics tech working on jet aircraft while in the service I can tell you that most (not all) of your problems will either occur when a component fails or a connection fails.
And its mostly connections, but then again I don't think your rig will be pulling any significant G forces beyond 1.  Leave them bare.  
Good choice on the wire. It is low resistance and importantly low inductance for a long run. Some people will also appreciate your choice if you waster as much money as they did.  4mm^2 does not look like it will fit the holes in the connectors on that amp (judging from the pictures). Spade is a good way to go. Vampire makes several grades of spades, so if you go that way, verify what type they spec.

Personally, I would not waste the money on cryo treatment. There are many other things you can spend that money on that will actually improve the sound.

Stick to gold plate. Rhodium is great for plating jewellery as it is hard which you want for mechanical protection and unlike silver does not tarnish. For electrical contacts, you want malleable so the materials can deform and increase the contact area.
Jump on the $450.00 cables be a sport.
Am I the only one paying attention here? Why are you running such long speaker wires in the first place? If running speaker wires half way around the world is your only choice then I'm with millercarbon6, What's the big freakin deal? Termination at this length with this wire is the least of your worries. And didn't we just have this conversation last week, "Long interconnects vs Long speaker cables"?  A WASTE OF MY TIME.
@darrell21256 - not really sure what your issue is. It's definitely very deep, maybe childhood inflicted. Not sure what 'conversation last week' you talking about. If it's 'A WASTE OF MY TIME' why do you bother writing. Please don't troll my discussion forum with rude comments. This world has enough individuals like you - that's why we are suffering. Thanks,