Too terminate or not

Final addition to my Harbeth p3esr and Croft Integrated amplifier combo is the speaker cable. Unfortunately I need a 30 foot long run. I’ve narrowed down my choice of cable to Mogami 3103. 

I can purchase the cable in bulk from Performance Audio at $2.86/ft(need 60 ft total). I suck at terminating cables and I can purchase Vampire HDS spades separately - where can I send for professional termination with gas tight crimp and maybe treating the cable with Cryo while there? Take Five Audio sells 30ft in pair Cryo treated and terminated with Vampire spades for $450.
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I replaced banana with spades on my multi individual strand cable.  I bought Audioquest spades but standard crimper did poor job.  I borrowed Audioquest crimper (almost identical) from the local Audio store and it worked perfect.  After crimping I soldered it heating wires first to prevent thermal expansion of the spade (to keep zero oxygen connection).  I know, many purists are against using third material (solder), but connection, even if not 100%, is so tight that solder doesn't matter (electrically).  If you "suck at terminating cables", then better send it to professionals - it is one time expense.
@joey54 Duelund has an incredible following and reputation. Where can I purchase one? Not that many places that sell. How would you compare this with Mogami 3103? 
You are seriously going to spend the time and money to add terminals to wire off a reel. Unreal. Oh well, never again pretend marketing is ineffective. At least do yourself a favor and listen to the bare wire before adding the terminals. Otherwise you go the rest of your life imagining it was all worth doing. 
I only use bare wire or professional connections.
You can always wrap the bare wire around the amp post and tighten the nut.