Too terminate or not

Final addition to my Harbeth p3esr and Croft Integrated amplifier combo is the speaker cable. Unfortunately I need a 30 foot long run. I’ve narrowed down my choice of cable to Mogami 3103. 

I can purchase the cable in bulk from Performance Audio at $2.86/ft(need 60 ft total). I suck at terminating cables and I can purchase Vampire HDS spades separately - where can I send for professional termination with gas tight crimp and maybe treating the cable with Cryo while there? Take Five Audio sells 30ft in pair Cryo treated and terminated with Vampire spades for $450.
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Also, I don't know if its really possible to be too terminate. I mean, it has to end somewhere, right?
@millercarbon 😀
that was a typo.
How do you think I can connect bare 12AWG wire behind my Croft? 
I use copper crimp sleeves for all of my terminations, and it's flawless, cost effective and lets you re-use your expensive terminations from several manufacturers including WBT and Furutech.

You need to get the right kind of crimper (WBT's is like $100, but a similar tool can be had from Lowe's and the like for $30).
At 30ft length each it’s far more important that you get the right gauge of wire.

i agree w this

terminate whichever is more convenient - at that length of run the wire will determine sq so much more than different (proper) terminations
How do you think I can connect bare 12AWG wire behind my Croft?

Fail to see the problem. Looks like a standard 3-way binding post to me. Unscrew a bit, stick the bare wire in, tighten back down. What is the problem?