too much power now-dump active for passive pre?

Just went from a pair of 89db moitors where my Mesa Baron in Triode worked nice with 90 wpc.But new floor standing speakers the snesitivity is 93 db and I can only get the volume max to 11:00 before I am overpowering.many folks say that I should get into SET and have been thinking about it.Bit wondering if getting rid of my Mac 712 and going with a passive line control or pre-amp like the Adcom GFP750 where you can run it in passive would be the way to go.BTW I had that pre with some B&W 805's and the 300 watt amp they make.Was bummed because of the same problem.I had to run it in passive but thought it sounded better in active mode (contrary to "audiophile purism").I like the Mesa and if I ver get another set of speakers that do need the power it's a gem.So .......
There is nothing wrong with the situation you describe. It is very rare that the maximum reasonable volume from the speakers works out to be the maximum setting on the volume control. If you like the sound you are getting, what is wrong with full volume being at 11:00?

On the other hand, if it really bothers you, a competent technician can easily add a voltage divider to the output of the preamp or the input of the amp to allow you turn the knob past 11:00. I would be happy to help you if you live anywhere near Nashville.
hi, not wanting to rain on your parade; but--- The mesa rolls of the top and especially the bottom in triode. This is for sure. So If you push it I've had lots of listening time on this amp with good front end stuff. Had 2 in home demos.I remember 6/7 years ago when Chip Stern did the Stereophile review and "ozzed" about it--In a side-bar JA said something like the new kid is easy to please (CS's first review).The all triode is seductive for sure / but when it gets loud--you have to go t'ward pentode;it'll start to clean up and play much better as it gets louder.
I have to wonder what difference it matters the volume control is positioned at so long as it sounds good ? Personally, i would rather have TOO much gain than not have enough. So long as the sound is what you are looking for, forget about how high or low the volume pot is adjusted to and enjoy the tunes. Sean
Ths sounds like an interesting turn on Nigel's dilemma. I agree with Sean, don't worry about the gain level on the preamp. I rarely turn my pre up to 40% of it's potential gain as I have large Monos. It's a good thing.
If what you are noticing is rolloff with high output from your SET amp, that's a different thing. SETs sound great, but do have inherent weaknesses, especially at higher output. It's the eternal SS vs Tube, SE vs push pull dilemma. Once someone can get the musical nature of these with the transient dynamics of a good push pull SS, everyone will want one. The too loud, if it is bloated and less coherent at high volumes rather than just too loud, it's a function of a SET amp at high levels. If it's just too loud, be happy and save some electricity.

On the other hand you could consider purchasing a preamp that "goes to eleven".
I wouldn't be inclined to worry about it either, but maybe one other area to look at is your source. If the output voltage is high it could also have an affect on the volume level and may be adjustable depending on your unit. Just another thought.

the newer BAT preamps have an adjustment that allows you to set a maximum gain level (so you can't overdrive the amp or speakers.) it's a nice feature....maybe some other preamps have this too?