Too much power for Spendor S3/5?

I just bought a new pair of Spendor S3/5 (replaced Vandersteen 2CE Signature II) for a move to a smaller space. All my other gear has remained the same, including an NAD C372 integrated that puts out 150 watts. Spendor's guidelines for the S3/5 suggest a max of about 75 watts and I'm wondering if I'll run a risk of blowing or overheating drivers by putting too much power into them. I might consider a change to the Naim Nait 5i-2, or...

I listen at low volumes (under 75 dB) and in the near-field (5-6 feet away), though I do occasionally turn them up to the 80-85 dB range when I'm in another room. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Too much "clean" power is usually not a problem-unless you crank it. Too little power can cause more problems with distortion.
Great speakers, don't worry.
Oh my, don't worry.
The saying goes "No such thing as TOO MUCH power"
Trust it. No-one has too much power.
Consider: the wall outlet has 15 amps waiting to blow up The light bulb you plug in is only 75 watts. Why doesn't the 15 amps make the light bulb explode? Same thing for your speakers and amp.
years years back i had a pair of S3/5 and i borrowed a buddy's McCormack dnA 1 (150w/channel). That was one of the best sound I got from that tiny spendors. It sounded anything but tiny with that much power behind it.
Off course, just be careful with the volume settings but that was sonic bliss.
I have the Spendors and used with 200 watt solid state and 50 watt tube,they are a great speaker,enjoy them and don't worry.
Thanks for the reassurances--now I'm going to go crank 'em up.