Too much of a good thing...

I've always been a "Cardas guy" and they're always worked great in all my setup. I recently replaced my Thiel CS2.4's with Audio Physic Avanti III, which are stunning speakers. When an opportunity to get a Pass Labs XA60.5 at a very reasonable price came up, I couldn't pass it up. The combination of the AP and the PL is just plain amazing. Now to the challenge, I'm starting to think that the speaker/amp combination which are both on the warmer side and the warmth of the Cardas Cross (and Golden Cross interconnects) might be too much of a good thing.

What other speaker cables should I be looking at?

Rest of the system consists of a PS Audio DirectStream DAC (connected via XLR directly to Pass amps) with Auralic Aries streaming (connected via AQ Carbon USB).
Is the wire gauge of the cords you used at least 14awg?

Just curious is the wall outlet a 20 amp dedicated circuit? What are you using for the wall duplex receptacle?

@jea48 Yes, power cables are 10awg.

I don't have a 20 amp circuit, but it is a dedicated 15amp line with a standard (i.e. nothing special) outlet.

@jea48  So what did this Clear Beyond SC bring to the table ?

My Gryphon SC are a little bright for ma taste with my Thiel speakers.

Would like to keep the gryphon resolution and air but with more meat, musicality and a more solid bass.

Hope the Clear Beyond SC can bring all these qualities.