Too much of a good thing...

I've always been a "Cardas guy" and they're always worked great in all my setup. I recently replaced my Thiel CS2.4's with Audio Physic Avanti III, which are stunning speakers. When an opportunity to get a Pass Labs XA60.5 at a very reasonable price came up, I couldn't pass it up. The combination of the AP and the PL is just plain amazing. Now to the challenge, I'm starting to think that the speaker/amp combination which are both on the warmer side and the warmth of the Cardas Cross (and Golden Cross interconnects) might be too much of a good thing.

What other speaker cables should I be looking at?

Rest of the system consists of a PS Audio DirectStream DAC (connected via XLR directly to Pass amps) with Auralic Aries streaming (connected via AQ Carbon USB).

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@jea48  So what did this Clear Beyond SC bring to the table ?

My Gryphon SC are a little bright for ma taste with my Thiel speakers.

Would like to keep the gryphon resolution and air but with more meat, musicality and a more solid bass.

Hope the Clear Beyond SC can bring all these qualities.