Too much gain on Audio Research LS9

Are there two versions of the Audio Research LS9, one with high gain and one with less. ARC said this preamp has 6db of gain but it acts just like my LS3 which has 20 db of gain.
If I rememeber correctly, it can easily be adjusted internaly. I have vever done it but it seems I recall there being a set of jumpers to change.
I used to sell audio research and McFavre4, along with having a great member name, is right. The resistors are available from ARC and allow you to pad down the gain. Just give them a call. You can diy it or if you're not comfortable soldering just send it to ARC. A freind has an sp6 connected to an amp with very high input sensitivity and couldn't get the volume past 1 detent without the volume being uncomfortable. After a pad down from a reccomendation by Dave Gordon at ARC, the two worked perfectly, and he was able to use the volume pot well into its range.